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The amount that Medtronic has agreed to pay to settle US Department of Justice allegations that it paid kickbacks to a neurosurgeon in South Dakota.


Physicians at the Cleveland Clinic, US have found that ventral hernia repair operations conducted with Intuitive's da Vinci robot were on average 55% longer than laparoscopic procedures.


Medical device funding hit a new high in Q3’20, growing 63% year-on-year to top $5bn for the first time, according to CB Insights.


A new report from Meticulous Research indicates that the medical device testing market value is on track to reach $12.5bn by 2027

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Researchers in the US have developed a new way to diagnose diseases of the blood like sickle cell disease with sensitivity and precision in only one minute.

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US hospital systems facing 'imminent' threat of cyber-attacks, FBI warns

An alert said malicious groups are targeting the healthcare sector with attacks designed to lock up information systems and steal data.

Source: The Guardian

FDA finalises guidance on nitinol devices, posts biocompatibility draft

The US FDA has finalised its guidance on the nonclinical assessment of medical devices containing nitinol (a near equiatomic alloy of nickel and titanium) after reviewing industry feedback.

Source: US Food and Drug Administration


Gilead and Galapagos have received approval for the rheumatoid arthritis drug filgotinib from the European Commission and from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan.

Source: Labiotech

Medtronic receives FDA approval for NIM Vital nerve monitoring system

Medtronic has secured US FDA 510(k) clearance of the NIM Vital nerve monitoring system, which enables doctors to identify, confirm, and monitor nerve function to help cut down the risk of nerve damage during head and neck surgery.

Source: Medical Technology

Technology partnership to integrate 999 system with medical information

A partnership between a global public safety technology company and a UK medical ID charity will instantly send potentially critical information on any of its members’ medical conditions directly to the NHS's 999 system - while offering their exact location in an emergency.

Source: Med tech Innovation

Embracing Emerging Technologies 


Based in Germany, InfanDx develops diagnostics tests for neonatal patients, with a focus on early identification of asphyxia in newborn babies.

Source: InfanDX


Fasciotens has developed an external device that maintains the abdominal wall in a state of tension during surgery to make it easier to close the abdominal wall and increase patient survival rates.

Source: Fasciotens

Sidekick Health

US company Sidekick Health has built a gamified digital care platform that targets chronic and lifestyle disease management.

Source: Sidekick Health

Leucadia Therapeutics

This US-based company has developed a patented system for mild cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: Leucadia Therapeutics

LightDeck Diagnostics

LightDeck Diagnostics develops lab-quality, rapid diagnostic tests for conditions such as Covid-19, sepsis and heart attack

Source: LightDeck Diagnostics


iCeutica’s SoluMatrix technology can produce submicron-sized drug particles up to 200 times smaller than conventional drug particles.

Source: iCeutica