Automated Passivation, Ultrasonic

Cleaning and Electropolishing Equipment

Esma Inc. is a leading manufacturer of surface-treatment equipment, including passivation, electropolishing and ultrasonic cleaning systems. The company's automated passivation systems are unique to the industry, moving fluids, not parts, during the process. Esma also manufactures benchtop electropolishing equipment and ultrasonic washers, as well as related chemistries.

Passivation Equipment:

• Automated Passivation Equipment
• Single-line Process System
• Dual-line Process Systems
• Multi-tank, Manual Passivation Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

• Industrial Parts Cleaning
• Automated Systems
• Non-automated Systems
• Industrial Ultrasonic solutions
• Ultrasonic Cleaning with Parts Agitation


• Console “wet bench” design
• Integrated with pre & post process tanks
• Benchtop Design stand alone elec-tropolish units
• Electrolytes for SS and CoCr

Automated Passivation:
“We move the liquid NOT the parts”

Since 1972 Esma Incorporated has been manufacturing high quality ultrasonic cleaners and washers as well as benchtop electropolishing equip-ment. Esma offers a unique approach to automating the ultrasonic cleaning process by transferring liquids to a single ultrasonic process cham-ber from individual heated storage tanks. These tanks are designed to re-use and filter the detergents, acids and rinse water.

This approach has been especially effective in cleaning applications which use dangerous chemical such as those used in passivating stainless steel. By moving the fluids and not the parts, the entire system can be closed with each storage tank covered and vented. The cover of the pro-cess unit, which also acts as the dryer, can be vented to exhaust any chemical fumes out of the work environment. PLC and HMI touchscreen controls give the operator full access to program changes and data, which can be recorded for process validation and control.

Multi-tank and benchtop ultrasonic cleaning equipment complete the ultrasonic cleaner line. Esma also manufactures a line of benchtop electropolishing equipment and corresponding electropolishing solutions. Our electropolishing solu-tion for cobalt chromium has been recognized for its excellence throughout the world and is used to electropolish stents for many major medical manufacturers.

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