Elcam Medical is a world class producer of disposable medical accessories and components for the OEM market, and provider of innovative solutions for specialized flow control needs.

Elcam strives to provide the foundations for safer and more effective fluid management in IV Therapy, Vital Signs Monitoring, Interventional Cardiology & Radiology and Dialysis.

As a worldwide leader in stopcocks and manifolds, Elcam offers a wide range of stopcocks with unique features like swabbable valves, continuous inner flushing, rotator preventing accidental disconnections and lipid resistant Tritan stopcocks

Marvelous™ (MRVLS) stopcock

Enhancing patient safety with contamination protection

Experience the Elcam Medical advantages:

  • Wide range off the shelf products
  • Readiness to develop customized products
  • Solutions addressing customer needs and challenges
  • Stopcocks and accessories with unique attributes that enhance safety and convenience of patients and medical teams