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• Life Science

• Space Applications

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Jan Vermeiren

Business Development Manager

Dedicated Sensor Processes

• Frontside and Backside illuminated devices

• Microlenses and color filter arrays

• Sensors for UV, DUV and EUV applications

• Thick epi for enhanced NIR response

• Si SPAD’s and APD’s in standard CMOS technology

• Scintillator materials for X-ray and particle detection

High performance chip design

• High Dynamic range image sensors: ≥ 100 000:1

• Correlated Double sampling, Noise ≤ 1.5 e-rms

• ≤ 0.30 e-rms noise with multiple sampling

• High Frame rate and short integration time

• Direct and indirect X-ray detection

• ROIC’s for Infrared detectors

• Rad Hard design for space and X-ray detection