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BioInteractions has dedicated over twenty-five years into researching and developing innovative, biocompatible coatings for medical devices. We have maintained our position at the forefront of research and development of leading biocompatible coatings.

Our commitment to advance healthcare through innovation, has resulted in a range of proprietary coatings which targets the core challenges faced by medical devices. We have taken our years of experience and integrated this into our coating technology to provide the optimal coating service.

The following are a few of the key medical applications where ElectroCraft motors empower medical motion control.

Commitment to Care Services:

Our broad product range has given our teams in-depth experience in tackling a wider range of challenges compared with other coating providers. Our teams have used this experience to create support services in order to improve the benefits of the coating. Our know-how in these areas allows us to provide a high-performance coating and a tailored coating process to fit a range of devices.

Our Commitment to Care services also include our in-house test methods which help our partners understand their devices in greater details as well as helping to highlight the benefits of the coating technology. This additional service helps our customers to add supporting data to their regulatory submissions. We have assisted our partners with their regulatory efforts and have expertise with this process. Our support in this area combined with our ability to provide a tailored solution is a comprehensive service to help our partners with their development challenges.

Our Commitment to Care service (C2C) with our high-performance coatings is the complete solution for our partners who require a coating. We provide world-leading coating technology optimised for specific applications, in combination with our C2C service to help our partners navigate through their product development, resulting in market leading medical devices.

High-Performance Coating Technology

We have created a range of non-leaching, biocompatible coatings which utilise a multi-faceted approach in tackling major biocompatible challenges. Our high-performance coatings provide significant benefits to the material as well as to the patient. This is achieved by using a combination of active components with passive components to give unique advantages offered by our technology.

BioInteractions manufactures and supplies these coatings, as well as the services to coat devices for our customers. We have combined our technology with our C2C services to provide the optimal coating solution for our partners.


Triple-Endothelial Action

Anti-thrombogenic Coating

Why Astute®? (Benefits)

The Astute® Antithrombogenic Coating is a non-leaching coating that actively improves the haemocompatibility of a device surface by mimicking the natural endothelial layer. Our coating enables a device to perform its intended function as well as reduce the risks of further complications from occurring in a patient.

The coating uses an innovative method to prevent thrombus formation as well as cellular deposition and adhesion onto the device surface. This hinders thrombus formation at the site and reduces the risk of these forming further along in the patient. There are no leaching components which reduces the patient risk and helps the coating to perform well over long periods of time without reduction in performance.

What is Astute®? (Features)

Astute® Antithrombogenic coating uses an active antithrombogenic component combined with additional passive components to mimic the natural endothelial layer. The active component causes the coating to interrupt the blood cascade mechanism.

This prevents platelets from activating and hinders thrombus formation.

Astute® uses additional passive components to reduce deposition and adhesion on the device surface. This combination actively prevents thrombus formation, is non-leaching and reduces deposition onto the surface. The multi-faceted approach provides superior haemocompatibility to the surface and reduces significant risks of the device, which leads to an improvement in the patient’s well-being.


Dual Active Contact Kill Mechanism

Antimicrobial Coating

Why AvertPlus™?

AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial is a non-leaching coating that eliminates bacteria and helps to reduce biofilm formation. The coating targets a broad spectrum of bacteria, without harming the patient’s cells. This significantly reduces the risk of infections and prevents any harm to the patient.

The AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial coating provides a consistent effect without any reduction over time which helps the coating to survive long-term applications. The addition of passive components enhances the benefits by reducing deposition and adhesion of cells onto the surface. The coating provides these benefits without the use of toxic compounds, eluting components or antibiotics. This reduces any risk of toxicity or antibiotic resistance to the patient. The multi-factor approach prevents infections from arising as well as from spreading in order to improve patient well-being.

What is AvertPlus™?

AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial Coating uses active agents combined with passive components to eliminate the infection and prevents bacterial colonisation on a surface. This dual functionality gives the coating significant advantages over alternatives for tackling device related infections. The coating uses a contact kill mechanism which causes the cells to physically lyse and hinders biofilm formation. This significantly reduces the ability of bacteria to remain on the surface and colonise.

The combined active and passive components of the coating provide an effective method to eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria, prevent biofilm formation and inhibit bacteria from colonising on to the surface. This multi-factor approach provides significant protection from device related infections.


Enhanced Lubricious Activity

Hydrophilic Coating

Why Assist™?

Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating delivers a high-performance, hydrophilic surface for long term applications. The coating significantly decreases frictional resistance between the tissue and device. This presence of the coating reduces tissue damage and improves comfort when delivering or removing devices in a patient.

Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating uses a two-factor approach to innovatively improve stability which helps the device to remain in its environment for longer applications and to withstand challenging conditions. Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating prevents deposition onto the surface to reduce the friction at the device-body interface. The stability of the coating helps to reduce the amount of times a device requires a change which assists in improving the patient’s comfort.

What is Assist™?

Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating uses a two-factor approach to reduce the friction at the device-body interface over long periods of time. The coating includes non-thrombogenic capabilities which prevents deposition and adhesion of cells onto the device surface. This helps the long-term performance and reduces the interaction at the device-body interface where further complications may arise in the patient.

Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating allows the device to remain in position for extensive use which helps improve the patient’s comfort. Friction is reduced to improve the delivery and removal of a device and minimises tissue damage at the site. Assist™ utilises a two-factor approach to reduce friction and the possible complications at the device-body interface. This helps improve the patient’s comfort and well-being during therapy.