FISBA, putting optics into focus for over 60 years.

Since 1957, FISBA‘s dedicated team has worked hand in hand with customers to develop and produce optical components & systems according to customer specifications. Then and now, promoting our company mission of a “Spirit of Partnership”.

Today, FISBA is a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components, systems and microsystems with locations across Europe, the US and China.

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FISBA delivers micro optics and imaging solutions for life sciences applications.

For over 60 years, FISBA has been a market leader in the biomedical and life sciences space, developing optical components, illumination and micro imaging systems. Our solutions enable the size, resolution and reliability required for medical and bio-photonics imaging systems today.

Global participation in leading edge life sciences applications areas such as:

  • Endoscopy / Minimally invasive surgery imaging

  • Diagnostics

  • Biopsy imaging

  • Dental imaging

  • Flow cytometry & sequencing

  • Pharma process monitoring

Utilizing state of the art and proven technologies in:

  • Optical and systems design

  • High precision, scalable optical manufacturing

  • Optical micro assemblies

Production facilities and engineering expertise in the US and Europe to best serve each customer.


Submillimeter and rod lenses enable optical imaging applications.

FISBA Capabilities

Easily integrated into optical assemblies, FISBA microlenses are available in various glass types and shapes (plano-convex, plano-concave and biconvex).

FISBA provides full services for microlenses from coating and centering to cementing and pre-assembly.

Technical Data

  • Diameter starting at 0.3 mm

  • Surface finish according to DIN-ISO 10110 5 / 2 x 0.016

  • Irregularity down to λ/6

  • Your Benefits

  • Design support to manufacturability

  • Customized ready to use packaging

  • Advanced supply chain management according to customer needs


Compact multi-color lasermodule

FISBA Capabilities

The FISBA READYBeam™ is an extremely compact multi-color laser module including full electronic integration and active thermal management. Right now available are the versions READYBeam™bio with 405/488/638 nm, and the version FISBA READYBeam™ind in V1, V2*” with 450/520/660 nm and 450/520/638nm*. The module comes single mode fiber coupled, the individual channels can be modulated independently and are calibrated up to 40 mW operating power ex fiber. As a true “turn key" solution and as an OEM product the READYBeam™ facilitates the integration into existing instrumentation as well as their technological development and evolution.

Application Examples

  • Flow Cytometry

  • High Content Screening & Sorting

  • Confocal Microscopy

  • Diagnostic Instrumentation

  • Projection and Display Technology

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 77 mm x 40 mm x 37 mm

  • Wavelengths bio: 405 nm / 488 nm / 638 nm

  • Wavelengths ind: ind V1: 450 nm / 520 nm / 660 nm

  • Wavelengths ind: ind V2: 450 nm / 520 nm / 638 nm

  • Output power range: > 30 mW per wavelength

  • Fiber connector: FC/APC

  • Fiber type: SM or SM/PM

Your Benefits

  • Compact size with electronics included

  • Active TEC regulation

  • Active Power regulation

  • Individual control of each color

  • Digital, analoge and mixed modulation modes

Micro Vision Systems

Micro Vision Systems - Applications for Life Sciences require imaging systems with high resolution and extremely compact design.

FISBA Capabilities

From the idea to first design studies through prototypes to serial production. FISBA has the processes and project engineering capabilities to implement customer specific Microcamera systems.

Example Specification of a FISBA Microcamera:

  • Diameter without illumination: 1.6 mm

  • Diameter with illumination: 1.95 mm

  • Length without illumination: ≤ 4 mm

  • Length with illumination: ≤ 6 mm

  • Field of view (diagonal): 120°

  • Working distance: 5 – 50 mm

  • Resolution: 400 x 400 px

  • F-number: 6

  • Wavelength: 400 – 700 nm

  • Optionally with or without LED lighting

Your Benefits

  • All processes from one source

  • Decades of experience in endoscopy and micro-optics

  • Leading in optical quality for medical applications

  • Development and Manufacturing according to customer requirements

  • Support and implementation of optimal solutions by our optical experts