Whether you need a laser, laser sub-system, or a complete manufacturing machine, you can depend on Coherent for precision, quality, process development, and exceptional after-the-sale support. Drawing on the broadest portfolio of laser and laser-related technologies anywhere, Coherent brings decades of experience, technical innovation, and support commitment to deliver the optimum solution to your medical device manufacturing challenges.

Intraocular Lens
Laser cutting

Polymer Stents
Laser cutting

Nitinol Stents
Laser cutting and laser welding

Polymer Tubes / Catheder
UV laser marking

Insulin Tubes
Laser cutting


Laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking


Laser cutting and laser welding

Dental Implants

Metal 3D printing


Black Marking and laser welding

Biopsy Forceps

Laser welding and laser marking


Laser cutting and laser ablating

Hip Rasp

Laser cutting and laser marking



Laser Welding
High Strength Connection of Delicate Components

Coherent laser welding systems deliver better results when joining delicate or heat sensitive parts, or when ultra-fi ne seams are required. The fast and accurate welding process results in a hermetic seal with up to 80 % spatter reduction and unmatched process stability, reducing the need for costly post-processing.

Laser Cutting
Cutting Widths Below 20 μm

Coherent laser-based systems for tube and fl at cutting are ideal for manufacturing devices and instruments that involve the production of fi ne features in temperature sensitive materials, such as nitinol. Based on an ultrastable granite platform, these versatile systems deliver precise cuts in a wide range of complex geometries with almost no burrs or edge hardening. Plus, a powerful software interface streamlines job setup and production.

Laser Structuring
Custom-Made Surfaces

The laser is an unmatched tool for creating microstructures. Coherent systems can produce features smaller than 15 μm through controlled ablation in a variety of materials, including various polymers utilized in the production of catheters. Surface textures can be optimized for the biological interaction of implants, and die casting molds can be produced using these systems.



Laser Marking

Biocompatible and Durable

There are almost no technical limits to the marking outline and content enabled by Coherent systems, whether it is marking implants, medical devices, or surgical instruments with data matrix codes and UDI marks to ensure traceability. They support shallow marking, 3D marking, grayscale marking, corrosionresistant black marking, and micro marking with character dimensions as small as 10 μm.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Metal Printing

3D metal printing enables rapid production of implants, clasps, partials and telescopic components, eliminating hours of traditional fabrication. Parts can be created directly from CAD/CAM designs in Co-Cr, titanium and most other metals. The Coherent CREATOR is a fully automated system that enables superior personalized dental products and other devices at lower cost, benefiting both the manufacturer and the patient.

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Coherent has been developing laser solutions for medical device manufacturing for more than three decades. In our application labs we work with a whole range of laser systems, latest fi ber and ultrashort pulse laser technology. Especially for the medical device industry.

Several hundred new applications are evaluated each year. We invest heavily in faithful and long-lasting partnerships with our customers and leading research institutes. Coherent is a global operating company with production, sales and service sites all over the world. An essential precondition to support distributed manufacturing concepts, for instance research and product design in the USA and large scale production in Asian countries.

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