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Data: News in Numbers

5.2 million

Laboratory equipment supplier iST Scientific has supplied 5.2 million specialist micro-plate sealing films, which are vital components in Covid-19 tests, around the world.


Research from MyHealthTeams revealed that 57% of those who have tried telehealth since March say they are likely to use it in the future.


Healthcare providers in the US are seeing 50 to 175 times the number of telehealth visits they saw pre-pandemic, according to a study by McKinsey


The reported price-per-piece for Abbott’s BinaxNow Covid-19 Ag Card — an antigen test for the virus that can be directly read off the testing card.


More than 600 new ethylene oxide lawsuits have been filed against Sterigenics in Illinois

 Top Stories 

British Army deploys clinical communication app to keep medics connected

The British Army has deployed a clinical communications app to keep medical staff from the Defence Medical Services connected while in the field.

Source: Digital Health

AI systems are worse at diagnosing disease when training data is skewed by sex

The artificial intelligence model showed great promise in predicting which patients treated in US Veterans Affairs hospitals would experience a sudden decline in kidney function. But it also came with a crucial caveat: Women represented only about 6% of the patients whose data were used to train the algorithm, and it performed worse when tested on women.

Source: Stat

 New Vulnerability Could Put IoT Devices at Risk

X-Force Red, IBM's hacking team, has reported a problem with modules from French aerospace company Thales used in millions of internet-connected devices in the auto, energy, and healthcare industries.

Source: Security Intelligence

MedCity launches map showcasing innovations to tackle Covid-19

The Unleashing Innovation Interactive Map, launched by life sciences cluster MedCity as a complementary resource to their Unleashing Innovation report, showcases the projects taking place across the city in response to the pandemic.

Source: Med-Tech Innovation

Embracing Emerging Technologies 


Radiobotics is a Danish start-up company that is developing algorithms for hospitals to automate the reading of x-rays of bone and joints.


Castor is a cloud-based clinical data platform that allows researchers to easily capture and integrate data from clinicians, patients, devices, wearables, and EHR systems.

Science 37

Science 37 is working to accelerate research projects with virtual clinical trials that allow patients to take part from the comfort of their own home.


Exo develops handheld ultrasound devices and AI for imaging and therapeutic applications.

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