Enabling the next generation of innovative biomedical devices

Bioinicia is a leading engineering company dedicated to enhancing product performance through the development and manufacture of nano- and micro-structured materials using electrospinning and electrospraying processes.

Bioinicia's Fluidnatek® range of medical-grade electrospinning equipment is already enabling some of the most innovative biomedical companies around the world to create the next generation of implantable devices and drug delivery products.

FLUIDNATEK® LE-100 for stent coating and biomedical implant manufacture by Bioinicia

Introducing the new Fluidnatek® LE-100 special edition, for high efficiency stent-coating and biomedical implant manufacture.

• Precise control of process conditions for consistent results

• Unique quick coupling and release mechanism maximises process efficiency

• Coating of wires, stents, mandrels and 3D complex shapes

• GMP compliant and available with IQ/OQ and PQ service

Electrospinning for cardiovascular devices

Tubular structures:

  • Coating of stents to provide efficient drug release or barrier performance – ultra-thin coatings enable smaller diameter, more flexible coated stents
  • Biomimetic scaffolds for endogenous tissue regeneration of blood vessels – microstructure enhances cell attachment and proliferation

2-D Membranes:

  • Cell bandages for cardiac tissue regeneration
  • Cardiac patches to repair defects – provides effective defect closure
  • Semi-permeable encapsulating “envelopes” protect cellular therapeutics from immune system

Complex 3-D structures:

  • Synthetic resorbable heart valves regenerate native tissue thereby eliminating need for long-term use of immunosuppressants
  • Multi-branched grafts for complex interventions

What Fluidnatek® equipment provides:

  • The most advanced electrospinning equipment for R&D and device manufacture
  • Highest level of control for consistent results
  • Efficient manufacturing work-flow
  • Precise metrology system and triggered process automation
  • Tailored configurations to suit specific production requirements
  • Custom-developed advanced features
  • Supported by Bioincia’s expertise in process development, contract-manufacturing and equipment engineering
  • IQ/OQ/PQ for GMP compliant processes


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