Multi-Action Coatings – Straightforward Solutions for Complex Challenges

Medical devices face complex biocompatible challenges when innovating modern therapies. Multi-action coatings confront these complex challenges in one straightforward, high-performance technology which enhances device performance and improves patient well-being.

BioInteractions have developed three unique polymer coatings to help with these challenges:

Astute®Anti-thrombogenic Coating

Active-Endothelial Action

Astute® uses an active anti-thrombogenic agent bound within its polymer backbone in combination with passive components to block thrombus formation, mimic endothelial layer and reduce further risks to the patient.

Astute® Active-Endothelial Action:

  • Actively stops blood activation
  • Prevents protein and cellular deposition
  • Non-leaching and stable for long-term applications

AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial Coating

Long lasting, Contact-Kill Mechanism

AvertPlus™ reduces device related infections and targets biofilm formation through a contact-kill mechanism paired with passive components. This non-leaching combination instantly kills bacteria without the use of toxic components, protects the device surface from bacteria and consistently reduces infection in patients.

AvertPlus™ Long lasting, Contact Kill Mechanism:

  • Actively disrupt broad-spectrum of bacteria to result in lysis
  • Prevents deposition and adhesion of proteins
  • Non-leaching, non-toxic components for long term applications

Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating

Flexible and Durable Assistance

Assist™ significantly reduces friction and minimises obstacles faced at the device-body interface. The highly hydrophilic surface improves insertion and removal of devices, enhances surface smoothness to reduce adhesion and shields the device from deposition.

Assist™ Enhanced Lubricity:

  • Significantly reduces friction and shields the surface
  • Flexible, non-cytotoxic and stable for long term applications
  • Available as UV Cured or Heat Cured for application on various shapes and materials

Your All-In-One Coating Partner

BioInteractions manufactures all our coating technology in-house and supports our customers efforts with our customer focused Commitment to Care (C2C) services. Our high-performance, multi-action coating technology offers our partners the ability to confront complex biocompatible challenges with a straightforward solution and enhance the performance of their device.

Our expertise has been collected in our C2C services to supports partners’ through their development process. These services consider the challenges with the application of the coating onto the device, the data required for regulatory submission as well as coating services for commercial devices.

We combine high-performance, multi-action technology with customer focused services to ensure the highest quality coated devices are supplied to patients and to help our partners have confidence in our support in their innovation of enhanced devices. We are committed to maintain our quality throughout our high-performance, multi-action coating technology as well as customer focused support services to enable patients to access breakthrough therapies with the highest quality of coated devices.

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