Why are Swisstec 3D machines so extraordinary?

  • Modular selectable components
  • Different sizes depending on space and machining requirements
  • Selectable laser type: Fiber, Pico, CO2 or Femto
  • Optional with removal handling and bar feeder
  • Processing of many different Materials in the micro Range
  • 100% repetition accuracy with tolerances of 5 μm
  • Round, flat and tube processing in wet or dry operation
  • Direct access to all controls
  • If required, remote maintenance via the Internet is possible
  • Cutting / Grinding / Drilling / Perforating / Labeling / Ablation / Welding (Spot, Seam Pipe & Profile Welding)
  • High-precision, fine, flexible cuts of the highest quality and purity, with as little damage to the surface as possible and no time-consuming reworking

Your Partner for Laser Technology & Machines

The swiss Way of manufacturing in the micro machining area

Swisstec 3D Akus AG

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8610 Uster

Switzerland (CH)

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New Machine

available from 2020

Flat laser for

600 x 300mm parts

Company profile

We apply leading edge laser technologies to develop and deliver custom Solutions. The Swisstec 3D Akus AG Product Portfolio includes super-fast, powerful and compact laser processing.

Drawing on over 25 years of Experience and a commitment to research and development, with well-known Universities in Switzerland and abroad, our range of high-end Laser Material processing system operations in the most demanding environments.

Leadership in this industry has continued througtht the years by listening to the needs of our Customer base. This resulted in an improved and revised MFT as well as a newly developed Machine, which will be on the market at 2020.

Certified by ISO 9001 and due to numerous studies and successes, we are able to count ourselves among the leading specialist Machine manufacturers in the micro sector.

The current production site in Zurich and Shanghai offers space for a variety of machines and prototypes on more than 5000m2. Sales Branches are located in the USA, Russia and China.

Swisstec 3D Akus AG is a dynamic company that lives for its Swiss Craftsmanship and customised Machine design.

Innovation, precision and swiss Quality distinguish us. Specialized in medical, space and aircraft open to all industries. Your wish awakens our creativity and enthusiasm.

Together we create something extraordinary.

You are looking for a strong, flexible partner?

We are the right one for you.

The swiss Way of manufacturing in the micro machining area

Our machines

Maximum performance on the smallest footprint:

Multi Flexi Tube –MFT

The MFT is the most compact Machine for tube and rod machining currently offered on the world market. Comparable machines from other manufacturers need twice to four times as much space than our MFT.

Multi Flexi Sheet -MFS

With the laser cutting from flat parts (sheets, strips, etc.), the MFS can clearly demonstrate its strengths. A mature, fully automated, highly reliable all-in-one System designed for high-performance operation.

Multi Flexi 5/6 axes - MF 5 / 3D

This compact 5/6 axis System is perfectly designed for close spatial processing. Compatible with pipes, bars, sheet metal, strip and 3D Applications.

Multi Flexi Custom Size - MFCs

Universally applicable for all machining lengths, modular design for different production tasks of the highest performance class. The MFCs processes tubes, rods, sheet metal, strip and 3D Applications.


With the highest cutting quality and consistent part quality, the Swisstec 3D machines cut in dry or wet operation.

Suitable for all geometries and all materials, this 3D cutting and drilling system offers optimal customization options for individual, user-friendly solutions.

Micrometer-accurate cutting on contours guaranteed without time-consuming reworking.

An extremely strong, fully automated all-in-one concept. Swisstec 3D Akus AG offers a comprehensive range of services that are exactly adapted to our customer needs:

  • FIBER-, PICO-, CO2 & FEMTO-lasers
  • All in one Machine
  • Custom designed and delivered
  • Pattern parts manufacturing
  • Employee training
  • And much more, discover our benefits

For more information about machines or specifications, please visit our website at www.swisstecag.com

Or contact our Sales: Mr. Dominique Joder d.joder@swisstecag.com

Phone: +041 44 545 17 21