Economists and institutions have cut their forecasts and experts are predicting the potential onset of recessionary environments.

Global companies are also concerned about the rising risk of Covid-19, with thousands of the world’s leading companies explicitly mentioning its impact on their business in their latest company filings.


Consensus forecast for world GDP growth in 2020 is -3.9%.


The Bank of England expects UK unemployment to peak at 7.5%.

Equity Indices As of 1 September 2020. Indexed to 100 on 1 January 2020


As of 26 August 2020

Anaesthesia & Respiratory Devices

Global demand for respiratory support will return to normal by the end of 2020. Supply chain cost related to Covid-19, especially freight, is expected to increase, leading to a reduction in net profit for A&R companies. Although Covid-19 is a one-time effect, the pandemic will positively impact A&R markets for overall respiratory care infrastructure and single-use respiratory consumables


The Spinal Fusion market is expected to contract by 15.7% in 2020, and slowly recover during 2021.

General Surgery Devices


More than $36bn in grants has been distributed through the Provider Relief Fund programme to both healthcare providers and medical equipment companies.

Key mediCal market developments

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