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Since 1980 TRESKY stands for best quality and qualification. We offer innovative solutions for fully automated micro assembly systems in Die-Attach, Flip-Chip, Die-Sorting, Laser-Bar handling, Thermosonic, Thermocompresion and Eutectic placement systems.

The T-6000 and T-8000 Machine provide highly sophisticated solutions and service with a wide range of applications. With numerous available options, our machines can be customized to suit all market needs. Especially in the Medical Sector.

We know that the Medical Industry demands the highest level of accuracy, consistency and reliability of all its production equipment. Implantable devices for the human body have no room for failure and TRESKY engineers understand this critical industry and supply it with best know-how for years.

For this reason the TRESKY Die Bonders offer the flexibility and the critical controls required within the Medical Industry.


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