Clippard is a third-generation family-owned and operated company. We have been proudly manufacturing in the United States of America for more than 75 years.

Although many things have changed since our founder Leonard Clippard first began making coils out of his home in 1941, the fundamental principles he instilled in his company have endured. Our motto “Quality People, Quality Products” emphasizes the importance we place on relationships.

Putting people over products was important to Leonard and it’s a philosophy that remains deeply embedded in our company culture. This extends not just to our employees but to our customers, our distributors, our suppliers, and our community.

It is this unique culture that has allowed us to rise above our competition—a culture rooted deeply in our company’s rich history, strengthened by our values, and cultivated by the efforts of many dedicated people over the years. Though it may be difficult to describe, it is unmistakably felt. Let us show you what it means to work with Clippard.

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Clippard Electronic Proportional Pressure Controls

Precise, linear digital pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra high resolution and repeatability.

Known for reliability, innovation and focus on miniature pneumatics, Clippard’s new revolutionary micro-controllers utilize the proven EVP and DVP lines of Clippard proportional valves allowing for steady, repeatable downstream pressure as demand or processes change. The result, a precise linear pressure control within a closed-loop system with ultra-high resolution (≤5 mV) and repeatability.

With unparalleled performance and flexibility not possible with current analog proportional controllers, the Cordis makes everything from calibration to sensor variety acceptance to future development opportunities more accessible and less complicated. The future of proportional control has arrived, and it’s digital.

• Resolution ≤5 mV

• Accuracy ±0.25% of full scale

• Real time adjustable PID control

• Integrated 0 to 10 VDC, 4-20 mA signal, or 3.3 VDC serial communication

• 0 to 10 VDC feedback pressure monitor

• Vitually silent

• No integral bleed required

• Static or dynamic applications with the same proportional control

• Proportional fill and bleed control

• Customizable pressure ranges

• Proudly made in the USA

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