Technology is at the heart of how we look after people

And at the heart of Critical Software is trust. We make sure that the software in medical devices is safe, reliable and robust – ready to help medical professionals look after the health and wellbeing of people in their care.

Safety First at Critical Software

Every day, patients around the world put their lives in the hands of qualified healthcare professionals and the medical devices that support their work. These devices are increasingly complex, with software often at the heart of them. Industry regulation is increasing the demands it puts on this software.

At Critical Software, we don’t plaster over these challenges. We have over twenty years’ experience in software development and testing for the most demanding industries and regulations. With our knowledge of medical device standards, like the EU’s new Medical Device Regulation and IEC 62304, we’re in a unique position to tackle the challenges medical device manufacturers face. Our software development, testing and certification expertise ensures full compliance with industry standards – right up to Class III devices.

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