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issue 21 // November 2019

Despite estimates that 40% of fertility problems stem from the male partner, a significant proportion of the fertility tech market is angled towards women. We take a look at a user-operated smartphone-based sperm testing kit designed to increase men's awareness of their own fertility.

Also, we find out how video game technology is being used to train astronauts to treat medical issues during deep space missions, shine a light on the dirty problem of cleaning duodenoscopes, and explore why a combination of materials engineering and neurobiology could be key to understanding the brain.

Plus, we examine a new app helping to improve at-home asthma management, take a look at the challenge of foetal monitoring with Nottingham University professor Barrie Hayes-Gill, and debate the benefits of the NHS’s newly launched AI lab.

Finally, we review the hurdles standing in the way of 3D printing organs and get the latest insight and analysis from Verdict and GlobalData.

Eloise McLennan, editor