As an innovator for MIM and microMIM technology, Parmaco produces millions of complex, high-precision steel parts yearly in Switzerland.

The fields of application are extremely diverse and include different branches such as medical technology, automotive industry, machine engineering, electronics, aeronautics, etc. we supply to customers worldwide.

The production takes place in Fischingen, located in the canton of Thurgau. The parts produced there using the Metal Inejction Molding process have dimensions from 0,1 to 100mm. the basic raw materials are carefully composed and processed mixtures of selected metal powders as well as synthetic binders.

Through a multi-stage process including high temperature sintering, steel parts with high resilience as well as outstanding dimensional precision and surface qualities are produced. Upon request, the parts are then additionally processed, refined, and made into assembly groups with further components. The process is suitable for medium to large quantities.

Thanks to extensive experience and intense further development, Parmaco can offer its customers custom-made solutions. Through additional services in the areas of counseling, optimization, and engineering, the requested MIM part becomes the perfect technological solution.


Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an innovative production process for the mass production of small, precise metal parts with complex geometry, which must be exact to the hundredth of a millimeter and possess a high mechanical load capacity.

Parmaco is a market leader in the production of MIM and microMIM components and assemblies for various applications and markets worldwide. 

The fields of application of the complex steel parts, which we produce for a wide variety of clients, include amongst others medical technology, electronics, automotive engineering, locking Systems, machinery, aerospace engineering.

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components for medical technology


In the field of medical technology, the MIM and microMIM processes are suitable for the production of small and very small parts used in the medical equipment. The MIM production process fulfills all requirements regarding product design and excellent optical characeristics.

Alloys such as 316L and 17/4 PH (“surgical steel”) fulfill even the highest requirements regarding security and quality for application in the operating room. The Metal Injection Molding process enables the production of parts that are both thin walled and 100% burr-free.

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