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Current Health gains FDA clearance for in-home remote patient monitoring

Edinburgh-based Current Health has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for in-home monitoring of patients using its wearable device that remotely tracks an individual’s respiration, SP02 (oxygen saturation), pulse, temperature and movement.

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It is hoped the device will allow patients to experience reduced hospital stays and to return home earlier, as the device can monitor them from home and inform their healthcare provider remotely.

In-home monitoring can also enable earlier interventions, reduce hospital readmissions and help prevent avoidable deaths. In February 2019, the device received clearance from the FDA for monitoring patients in the hospital. Current Health has already partnered with healthcare providers, including Mount Sinai and Banner Health in the US and several NHS Trusts in the UK.

The device provides a passive single device that replaces multiple devices and eliminates the need for manual entry, reduces the need for spot measurements, and helps with low patient adherence. It has a chatbot for the patient and sends automated alerts to the healthcare provider based on an algorithmic analysis of the patients’ measured vitals via continuous, real-time wireless monitoring.

Current Health has received FDA approval for the RPM and telehealth platform. This system provides the patient with a tablet for the Bluetooth chatbot Q&A system. It also allows patients to connect to clinicians via video chat or text message to discuss their healthcare or report symptoms.

GlobalData believes that this is the future of medical devices and that the market for these devices will grow in the next few years as a result of new discoveries and research in this field.

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