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Active around the globe, the MST Group consists of four technology companies with more than 1100 employees in three countries

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Products and services

PCBs, LCP and chip-packaging substrates

Ultra-HDI/microvia printed circuit boards, LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) and chip-packaging substrates for every application where miniaturization, high performance, high frequencies and reliability, as well as biocompatibility play a role.

LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) substrates

This multilayer ceramic technology provides complex substrate solutions for avionic, space, radar, automotive or sensor applications.

Semiconductor packaging

Various customized packaging solutions for a wide range of base materials, I/O configurations and housing types are offered. The newest technology development enables the production of SDBGAs (Stacked Die Ball Grid Arrays) using transfer molding technology in small and medium-sized volumes.

Advanced assembly

Extensive assembly equipment and inspection technologies in the field of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and chip & wire enable us to assemble an extremely wide range of components like SMD (Surface Mount Devices), BGA (Ball Grid Arrays), CSP (Chip Scale Packages), flip chips and bare dies on any board material for the production of complex, miniaturized electronic modules.

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