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issue  16 // june 2019

in this issue

issue 16 // JUNE 2019

The US FDA has compiled a draft guidance to promote the development of brain-computer interface devices, which could give users the ability to control implants directly. We take a look at the benefits of such devices and the significant concerns that surround the concept of linking any device directly to the brain.

Also, we speak to NHS innovation hub Health Enterprise East to find out how medtech start-ups can crack the all important NHS market with new innovations, explore med tech innovation in Israel, which has rapidly become a hub for high-tech development and spinout-friendly research centres, and examine the arguments for and against the controversial medical device tax in the US.

Plus, we investigate whether there is too much secrecy around the reporting of medical device failures after the FDA was found to have enabled companies to conceal reports of serious injury and malfunctions from public view, take a look at the science behind breath biopsies, and get the latest market trends and analysis from GlobalData.

Eloise McLennan, editor