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We are User Experience and Human Factors experts

We have been applying HF/UE to medical device development longer than the FDA has been regulating it!


e are working as Human Factors and User Experience Consultants since 2000. We support our clients in developing safe and effective medical devices according to ISO 62366, FDA guidance and the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

What we do


Are you about to get started and want to know more about your customers and what really moves them? Make sure you have all pieces in place by doing explorative research and fully understand your users needs and goals.


If you want to measure your success or are under regulatory requirements, our validated measurement approaches are designed exactly for you.


Do you want to create a new and innovative service from scratch? Have you already built prototypes and just want to kink out usability flaws? Enter the cycle of ideation, design and testing to iteratively move from your first idea to a test-proven product!


Lift UX to the next level and systematically integrate it into your development process using our tools and experience.

About us

Our team includes industry pioneers with more than 20 years of experience in UX as well as young professionals from the fields of research and design. We have worked in large organizations as well as in start-ups and are happy to share our experience with you!

Our additional motivation kick: uintent is employee-owned. Researchers and designers are also our decision makers!

Your benefits:

Agility | No overhead | Flexibility | Professionalism | Creativity

We are uintent

uintent has offices in Hamburg, Basel and Munich. We operate in other German cities as needed.

We have sibling companies in the USA, Japan and China and mutually own each other.

These have a similar philosophy and organization and are closely linked to us - in these markets we operate as one company.

Our commitment to quality is part of our DNA

HF/UE best practices and industry standards are part of our DNA. Our research is conducted according to the guidelines found in IEC 62366-1, TR 62366-2, FDA guidance on applying HF/UE to medical device development, AAMI HE75, and other standards wherever appropriate.

We don’t just adhere to best practices; we work with other industry thought leaders to define them through our corporate memberships with AAMI and other organizations.

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