Components & Assemblies for the
Medical Device Industry

As a leading medical device OEM manufacturer, CWT has in-depth experience in custom wire coiling, grinding and forming.


  • Medical Wire Coiling & Winding
  • Precision Wire Grinding
  • Nitinol Coils & Shape Setting
  • Catheter Reinforcement Coils
  • Medical Compression Springs
  • Laser & Plasma Welding
  • Cleanroom Assembly Services
  • Laser Marking & Ink Printing Services


CWT provides customized medical wire coiling solutions that meet or exceed design requirements needed by the top OEMs in the medical device industry.

CWT’s technical expertise, unique processes, and wide range of material offerings, such as nitinol, provide an ability to produce complex medical coils with tight tolerances for the most challenging design specification.


CWT offers medical grinding capabilities to manufacture guide wires, core wires, mandrels, hypotubes, K-Wires, orthopedic pins, needle prototypes, and nitinol components.

Centerless grinding allows for optimal levels of stiffness and flexibility while accommodating tapers of any angle. While profile grinding is utilized for threads, points, and other shapes.


CWT specializes in custom wireforms and components made from precision round or flat wire for medical, dental, and surgical device manufacturers.

Laser and plasma welding services can be utilized to provide complete assemblies.

Nitinol Components

Nitinol coils and wireforms offer specific properties which can be superior to stainless steel in certain cases.

Its unique elastic, shape memory properties allow for the material to return to various shapes when reacting with external environment changes.

Laser Marking

In-house laser marking capabilities can add unique identifiers such as part numbers, lot numbers, descriptions, and company logos to a variety of parts.

Depth band markings for guide wires, k-wires, and pins present visual feedback to an end-user on how far a component may be inserted.

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