Medical Device Innovation

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Key Services

Innovation Strategy

Medical Device Strategy, User Needs, Minimum Viable Product, Creative Design Engineering, Product Vision and Idea Generation, Brainstorming, Prototyping, Product Pipeline Development, Regulatory Planning

Project Management

New Product Development, Milestone/Project schedule creation, Collaboration, Manufacturing Setup, Regulatory Submissions

Design Control

Design History File creation and documentation, Risk Management, Quality System Interaction, and Quality Engineering: Verification/Validation Testing


Desert Platforms decreases development costs and time to market while improving regulatory compliance and product-market fit. By achieving these goals, Desert Platforms is able to increase client ROI and improve client exits and patient outcomes.

Desert Platforms is a hands-on and creative product development firm able to produce ideas and alternate perspectives that are truly unique and tailored to the client. The ability to pair this ingenuity with solid, organized documentation practices to fulfill regulatory requirements from the outset of a project is a true Desert Platforms differentiator.

Desert Platforms is able to quickly integrate into an organization to provide detailed strategy and leadership from a place of deep and varied experience. The team understands the entire medical device landscape to add immediate impact and value while streamlining new product development efforts.

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