Geeplus vs Covid-19: Geeplus Continues to Boost Production of Crucial Ventilator Parts

Beckenham, UK / South Carolina, USA - As countries throughout the world work to coordinate administration of various Covid-19 vaccines, Geeplus' expanded production personnel have continued to work around the clock to support the world's top ventilator manufacturers with crucial actuation devices — most notably, our renowned Voice Coil Motors.

The pandemic created an unprecedented demand for a number of Geeplus products—specifically high-precision voice coil motors and solenoids used in ICU ventilator applications. This led to 24-hour production during the height of the pandemic.

The VM38 voice coil motor in particular is an extremely advanced and highly controllable voice coil actuator, that has aided Geeplus in becoming the world's leading supplier of actuators in medical ventilator applications. Learn more in this brief video.

Geeplus Expands; TRIPLES Production Capacity

Demand has remained high for our high-precision actuators. In response, we've doubled the size of our UK manufacturing facility in London. Production capacity has now tripled!

Now, with the majority of production components created and tested in-house, Geeplus is confident that all of our worldwide customers, across a wide range of industries, will benefit from the extended facility!

To request a quote or learn more about your options for an actuator, visit our Request for Quote (RFQ) Form or “Ask an Engineer” page.

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