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a hidden champion for medical components out of PTFE

Our company name clearly indicates our location. Our headquarters and our research, development and production departments are located in Lenzing, Upper Austria. Made in Austria stands for innovative products of the highest quality and, at the same time, defines the self-image of Lenzing Plastics.

Production site in Austria, committed to quality

The company's manufacturing possibilities are second to none terms of quality and versatility. The integration of various production stages and processes offers unique possibilities.

Unique worldwide, production versatility

In order to take full advantage of this machinery and system facility for the implementation of customer-specific product requirements, our research and development department works on the solutions of tomorrow. Our intensive development work is reflected in the fact that more than half of our active products are less than three years old.

Tailor-made innovation, a focus on customer requirements

All of these factors allow us to react quickly and flexibly to a wide variety of requirements. We provide our customers with advice and assistance from the first stage of development to the finished product. Bundling all functions at one location and our centralized location in central Europe allow a fast, efficient approach. Our customers all over the world appreciate this.

Medical component manufacturing

Our product range for the Medical industry consist of yarns, fibers, films, tapes and tubes out of the unique polymer PTFE. We hold a certificate of ISO 13485 and manufacture in controlled environment and partly even in a certified cleanroom.

The PTFE components made by Lenzing Plastics are the basic materials for extremely smooth, soft and - above all - biocompatible textiles and implants.

Why use PTFE yarns, sutures or tubes/ films?

  • Extremely smooth: It is virtually impossible for deposits to adhere to PTFE. Suturescanbeeasilyremovedwithoutdamaging sensitive tissue
  • Extremely biocompatible: PTFE is chemically inert and it has been successfully used in longterm class 3 implants for decades
  • Extremely durable: PTFE is an extremely stable polymer that barely loses any of its strength and flexibility over many, many years

Applications for PTFE components:

  • Surgical suture: all over the world PTFE sutures with basic yarn from Lenzing Plastics are validated. PTFE surgical suture is often indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including dental, general surgical procedures and repair of the dura mater. Claims made by our customers include:
    • Ultra-smoth surface
    • Excellent security with snug and flattened knts
    • N memory
    • Reduced ptential for bacterial migration into the surgical site
    • Sft and comfortable for patients
  • Heart valve manufacturing: this area was the first application using Lenzing PROFILEN PTFE yarns nearly 20 years ago. At the beginning sewing rings of conventional valves were the first items, using the benefits of PTFE: extremely biocompatible, very smooth and very durable. Over the time also TAVI products needed the support of yarn out of PTFE. The very soft material is easy to compress and therefor perfect to reach the low profile necessary for crimping a device into the catheder.
  • Covered stents/ stent grafts: especially for smaller diameters of covered stents, PTFE is the material of choice. The flexibility of the material combined with the specific nonadherent surface are perfect for those applications. Lenzing Plastics can supply various PTFE components for manufacturing covered stents
  • Medical felt/ pledget: PTFE Surgical Felts are used in various applications for general, vascular and cardiac surgery. They are most commonly used as a patch, a buttress for sutures, and as a material for replacement of segments of the ventricular myocardium after resection. PTFE Felt Pledgets are used as buttresses under sutures when there is a possibility of sutures tearing through tissue. These pledgets are used in various surgical suturing procedures, such as vascular closure, septal repair, myocardial closure, hepatic repair and valvular suturing. Lenzing Plastics 100% pure PTFE staple fibers, produced according to ISO13485, are the perfect component for such felts.

In addition to the applications described above we develop many special applications in collaboration with our customers using Lenzing PROFILEN® PTFE.