Facilitating medical innovation: Tech incubators to watch in 2020

While the majority of innovation in medical technology originates from start-ups with the support of incubators; pharma companies themselves are increasingly up their own incubators and in-licensing medtech innovations. Allie Nawrat takes a look at five promising medtech incubators from around the world.


onceived in the 1950s by New York State businessman Joe Mancuso when he leased out space in a disused factory to attract companies to an under-developed area, business incubators seek to help entrepreneurs and start-ups overcome challenges in turning ideas into viable businesses.

Incubators give start-ups a home early on alongside like-minded individuals and companies. This collaborative approach allows start-ups to save on operating costs as they share facilities and associated overheads, as well as connects them with future potential investors and the incubator’s wider network of industry experts and mentors.

Digital health and medtech start-ups require special support since their innovations need to be compliant with a particularly stringent regulatory system and are entering a particularly crowded sector.

Specialised medtech incubators are able to advise their start-ups on these issues and use their extensive industry expertise to point out gaps in the market or where potential partnerships could be formed. Therefore, incubators have a crucial role in bringing life-saving innovations to market.

Here is a list of five promising medtech start-up incubators from across the world that will contribute to improving human health in 2020.

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