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Innovative housing solutions for the medical sector

Time to market: acad systems develops innovative housing solutions for the medical sector.

Good ideas have to be packed well. That is why housing solutions need to be perfectly tailored to the content, not only in terms of material and quality. Optics also play a decisive role in competition. acad systems can draw on decades of experience in the automotive sector - for your benefit: cost-effective solutions, high quality and a functional, innovative design.

If necessary, we manage the entire project for you, from the control of electronics and software development with our cooperation partners or your suppliers to the validation and evaluation of the system.

We help you to bring your ideas to the market.

  1. Innovative housing development
  2. Housing for medical technology
  3. Shortest development times through professional project and quality management
  4. Cooperation with electronics and firmware developers
  5. Project planning and production of small series
  6. Validation and evaluation

Always up to date


In addition to the close cooperation with our customers on site, there is the possibility of exchanging information with the WEBEX conference software at short intervals during the development phase.


We only use the CAD / CAM systems CATIA V5 from Dassault Systemes and Siemens NX most used in the key industries for development and production. Our self-developed intelligent VBA macro logs combine business processes, tool design, tool construction and plastic parts production with enormous efficiency.

The servers and workstations from acad systems are always state of the art. Our modern CNC production centers and injection molding machines are selected according to high, efficient requirements. Through all of these measures and continuous improvement, we guarantee you short delivery times with high quality standards at fair prices.

Formlabs uses the "Form 2" 3D printer at acad group GmbH . It is a true sterolithography printer: high-resolution 3D printing, laser-sharp prints with excellent surface properties.

Acad systems zero power switch

Without battery and cable? Energy harvesting is the solution

The ZerØ-Power Switch is a new type of hand or foot switch for the medical sector from acad systems , which does not require an external power supply or cables. The switch is connected to the switching application by means of a USB receiver stick or a specially configured plug adapter and can therefore be freely positioned.

This is made possible by energy harvesting. This concept enables the required energy to be obtained by the switching process and the spark energy released in the process. An external power supply is therefore unnecessary, which makes the ZerØ-Power Switch absolutely maintenance-free and easy to maintain. So the switch z. B. be subjected to all common cleaning methods due to the auto-scalability.

In the simplest version, the ZerØ-Power Switch is available as an ON / OFF switch. Due to the scalability of the switch concept, multi-switch or multi-switch functions can also be implemented at the customer's request.

The ZerØ-Power Switch is a joint project by acad systems with our long-standing partner reputation-engineering , Günter Goldbach.

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Innovative housing development

Product design between aesthetics, ergonomics and technology

When looking for a solution on the market for standard housings, one quickly reaches the limits of finding something suitable that does not require too much compromise.

With regard to space optimization, interfaces, operation and last but not least design and cooperate design such as colors, shape and company logos, the existing range does not meet many requirements here.

In most cases, a special development for the housing is the optimum. At this point, it is important to get clarity about the investment in development, production tools and parts costs, and at the same time to get an estimate.
Here we can help you in advance to estimate profitability with target prices. Especially if you expect carefully estimated small quantities, we can offer a profitable solution for plastic solutions with our express injection molding system. This injection molding system covers quantities from 100 pieces to 2,000 pieces over the term.

When defining the installation space, the housing design is often the key point in development. Therefore, very early development involvement is crucial for a good product solution. Depending on the budget, number of items, operational application and target customer group, we will find an effective and efficient solution with you. Requirements regarding tightness, shock protection, temperature, chemical resistance and EMC protection are taken into account as well as optical and haptic requirements such as corporate design, usability and optics.

The possibilities in the "package" are only really usable if the inner workings such as B. the electronics hardware development is precisely coordinated with the housing in detail.

Connector positioning and housing openings, buttons and operating elements are important externally visible elements that significantly influence the housing design and must be considered and taken into account holistically here. B. Batteries and displays must be selected and taken into account in the early concept phase.

Often, several requirements can be solved using a well-thought-out method. For example in plastic injection molding thanks to the two-component application. The soft component molded onto the housing can be used as a seal, at the same time as impact protection and also as a colored design element. The additional tool-related effort quickly pays off due to the higher functionality.

If necessary, we manage the entire project for you, from the control of electronics and software development with our cooperation partners or your suppliers to the validation and evaluation of the system.

Talk to us and discuss with us the possibilities for your project.


Simulation, FEM, moldflow, functional model

During the development phases, all requirements from the specification are checked continuously, as far as the respective development status allows. Even during the concept phase, critical components in assemblies with high mechanical loads are designed and optimized using finite element calculations. Plastic parts are rheologically designed in the early phase.

Installation space, assembly, operation and haptics are checked for the first time during the functional model phase. For this we create individual first components from rapid prototyping technologies such as selective laser sintering (SLS) or stereolithography (STL) for plastic or metal parts, laser cutting for simple 2D parts or parts created by milling.

Here we choose the right one from all the suitable processes available on the market.


Material testing, IP protection test, EMC test

Bring your product development to success efficiently. During the evaluation, acad systems takes over the coordination and handling for you with selected test laboratories if required.

Through standardized and certified tests, you receive proof of the quality of your products and users can get an overview of the market situation. For example, during the IP protection test, the mechanical resilience and the tightness against external media (external force, water / dust tightness) are tested.

Talk to us and discuss with us the possibilities for your project.

In 5 phases to a product ready for series production

Minimize investment and development risk

With our 5-phase development, we systematically secure every step of the development. After each phase has been completed and analyzed, you decide when and how to proceed to the next phase. For you, this means minimizing your investment and development risk.

The phases are clearly defined and consist of the following stages:

Phase 1: concept phase

We work out a specification together with you and then initial concept ideas.
We will select the most promising concept together with you.
We take tolerance chains of as few components as possible and RPS alignment concepts of the components to one another into account during the concept phase.

Phase 2: detailing phase

This is followed by a rough 3D elaboration of all components, taking into account the environment.
We carry out FEM preliminary analyzes after the first 3D rough development in order to check the characteristics of strength, rigidity, misuse and service life.

Phase 3: functional model phase

The 3D data from the development phase are already suitable for building up the first principle and functional models. These can consist of various rapid prototyping processes, such as SLS, STL, PUR cast resin or CNC-milled parts.
These can already be assessed in terms of haptics, function, assembly and handling.

Phase 4: development phase

After the first phase of detailing and functional samples, we revise the 3D construction with the aim of selecting the optimal manufacturing process for the planned volume and developing individual components that can be manufactured as cheaply as possible.
We carry out inquiries for parts prices from various manufacturing processes such as B. for steel parts - extrusion, turning, milling, metal powder sintering, MIM technology, etc. by.
This phase is crucial for a successful, marketable product!
We accompany you during the development of your development FMEA and work out an error and risk analysis with you.

Phase 5: Drawing creation phase

To request the standard parts prices, the first individual part drawings or ZB drawings are required.