Committed to find the perfect fit for your flow process

Our Philosophy

Equflow focuses on the development and production of single-use flowmeters of high quality, and corresponding equipment. We have a uniquely global presence in terms of single-use solutions with high accuracy and reproducibility, combined with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Single use and disposable flow sensors for medical equipment and technologies

The prevention of cross-contamination, validation of critical processes and cost savings are themes where Equflow products deliver a high level of added value against realistic and affordable prices.

By using disposable parts, a high degree of efficiency and cost saving can be achieved, while maintaining a high level of product quality and service.

  • Cover flow ranges from 20 ml up to 200 liters per minute
  • Outstanding reliability and accuracy of flow measurements
  • Qualified for gamma radiation up to 50 kGy
  • No calibration required after exchanging flow tubes
  • Affordable price

Togetherwith her partners, Equflow provides custom-made solutions to meet the specific needs of her customers.

It is Equflow’s mission to offer a high-quality and optimal solutions for single-use flow measurement so that her customers are able to achieve complete process control at the point of flow measurement.