Do you have a good idea? Let us know!

We work together with you to develop and manufacture the electronic products you need to turn your idea into a true innovation. To do so, we fully customise all of the necessary processes to accommodate your requirements, from creating the concept right through to the qualification of your product.

Turck duotec was founded in 1988 as an independent company of the Turck Group. Since then, we have become an expert in customer-specific electronics development and manufacturing (E²MS) and act as a ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

We can also meet highly individual requirements with the utmost precision thanks to our many years of experience as an electronics service provider and our comprehensive manufacturing expertise. Our approach is based on partnership.

Our development services include mechanics design, circuit layout, hardware and software development as well as specific test development. Our strengths in electronics manufacturing lie in technologies such as SMT assembly, chip-on-board (COB), thick film hybrid technology and system assembly.

We place a special focus on the protection of electronics because vibrations, temperature fluctuations or moisture can jeopardise electronics function. This is why following PCB assembly, we protect your assembly using special coating processes. Your idea is kept safe from external factors with either casting, autoclavable overmoulding or dip coating. We design, manufacture and mount the housing precisely around the protected electronics.

We also protect functional and fastening elements at the same time. Our services include 3D form design and the manufacturing housing components. Finally, we test the electronic function and functionality of the electronics protection.