XMReality Remote GuidanceTM

Like being there

XMReality Remote GuidanceTM

With XMReality Remote GuidanceTM it’s almost like being at two places at once. Using Augmented Reality technology, we blend two videos into one, combining your video with the person you connect with during a remote guidance call. So regardless of the distance between you, you can collaborate as if you were standing at each other’s side.

This way you can virtually interact with the objects you see through the video stream, reaching out your hand and show for example which grip to use for an instrument or in other cases the sequence of controls and buttons needed to start up a machine.

You also have other powerful tools to help each other during the call, such as zooming in on details, draw on top of the video you are seeing to highlight specific things or share images or documents during the call.

Helping someone without having to be physically present at their side has never been more relevant than during this pandemic, but it’s just as relevant in a post covid-19 situation.

For many businesses and operations, instant access to qualified support is crucial since you can’t afford equipment downtime. Or in the case of medical care, you still need to provide patients with the best possible care. With remote guidance you get access to the right expert support and knowledge without the expert needing to be physically present.

Apart from the instant benefits of improved problem resolution, remote guidance contributes to better time management and it also improves knowledge transfer between co-workers. Not to mention the positive environmental benefits of reduced travel!

The solution is scalable and can easily be integrated with your own systems to maximize the use of data. XMReality Remote GuidanceTM helps you and your company to manage the problems of today and at the same time strengthen your competitiveness for tomorrow. Your imagination is the only limit for how it can be used - so try XMReality Remote GuidanceTM for free today:

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XMReality Remote Guidance gives your people the skills, knowledge and support they need – where and when they need them. Send a call link to anyone you want to start a shared video stream where you have a multitude of powerful tools to guide the person on the other end.

Together you collaborate in an interactive environment where speech, video and guiding tools combined makes for great end-result. With remote guidance expert help is just one video call away.

Find out more about how XMReality Remote GuidanceTM works here:

How it works

How XMReality Remote GuidanceTM can be used

Improve Paramedic care

When paramedics arrive at the scene of an incident, they can remotely connect with the appropriate specialist doctor and hospital who can guide and advise by using Remote Guidance.

Not only does it help for quick diagnosis when the paramedics arrive at the scene, it also makes it possible for the doctor who will receive the patient at the hospital to get a head start on evaluating the patient’s condition. Actions can be taken to prepare the hospital treatment plan and needed resources.

Access Expert knowledge

Within medical care and technology, knowledge is one of the most important resources and there is a constant ongoing transfer process between experts and junior employees. By using remote guidance it’s easier to instantly connect with experts to get their help or opinion, regardless of where they are.

Something which is extra important during these days when covid-19 restricts movements and you want to limit the number of people you have physical interaction with. You can also record the guiding session to use for educational purposes.

Enhance Equipment availability

Medical equipment and machines can often be complex to use and sometimes, for some reason, don't work the way they should. With uptime being crucial both for cost reasons, but most importantly for patient treatment, it’s imperative to quickly resolve issues. With remote guidance you can instantly give a technician visual access to the machine to diagnose the error.

Sometimes the problem can be fixed immediately by step-by-step guiding the on-site person to solve the issue. Or if it’s not possible to fix without the right tools and equipment, the technician will know exactly what to bring in order to resolve the issue.

Still not sure why XMReality Remote Guidance would work better than a standard video call? Read this study and find out the opinion from users:


Trusted by Norweigan Emergency Medical Services

In collaboration with Norwegian Jodapro, XMReality Remote Guidance is being tried out by the Norwegian Emergency Medical Services. The application is tested for deployment when paramedics arrive at the scene of an incident. Smart glasses allow the paramedics to connect with the appropriate specialist doctor and hospital for faster and better care.