Bioinicia is a leading engineering company dedicated to enhancing product performance through the development and manufacture of nano- and micro-structured materials using electrospinning and electrospraying processes.

Bioinicia currently supports world-leading research institutes and companies innovating in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biomedical implants, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, filtration, energy generation and others.

We are your ideal partner for advanced materials solutions at any stage in your product development process.

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Electrospinning is the state-of-the-art technology for generating continuous fibers or particles with controllable diameter down to the nano-scale. It is a versatile, scalable and room-temperature process used with polymers, proteins, bioactives, inorganics and even living cells.

When engineered materials are implanted into the body, our immune systems react, preventing tissue integration, delaying healing and risking failure of the implant. Electrospinning offers a solution. Mimicking the microstructure of the extra cellular matrix (ECM) within our tissues provides cells with a familiar environment on which to grow, leading to reduced inflammation, improved tissue regeneration, and reduced scarring.

Native extracellular matrix

Electrospun fibers

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A wide range of FDA approved electrospinnable polymers enables both permanent or bio-absorbable implants.

Controllable pore size enables both 3D tissue scaffolds and semi-permeable 2D cell barrier membranes.

Large surface area maximizes interaction with the body and provides for highly efficient localised bioactive or drug delivery.

Bioinicia’s customers manufacture numerous electrospun products in clinical use today:


PROVEIL® is the new nanofiber filtration media developed by Bioinicia to help in the fight against COVID-19.

At the outbreak of the pandemic, healthcare workers suffered from the lack of supply of critical protective equipment. To answer this demand, Bioinicia dedicated its resources to the development of a respiratory mask filter that would protect key workers from the virus, and pivoted its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to produce PROVEIL® for supply to mask manufacturers throughout Europe.

PROVEIL® exploits the small pore size and large surface area of electrospun nanofibers to capture even the smallest respirable particles, including viruses. Our expertise in the encapsulation of bioactives has enabled us to incorporate a virucidal compound into the nanofibers to not only block viruses, but to kill them as well.

With the huge increase in the use of disposable face masks around the world, comes the inevitable environmental crisis of these waste plastics entering our oceans. Billions of masks are being ordered and each one will take around 450 years to degrade! Bioinicia is applying its proven expertise in biodegradable materials to ensure that PROVEIL® is part of the solution, not the problem.

Bioinicia are also offering optimised Fluidnatek® HT PROVEIL® manufacturing equipment with all of the know-how to produce enough PROVEIL® material for up to 7 million face masks per month

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Our team of experienced scientists and engineers can support you from idea generation and proof-of-concept trials, to product optimisation and scale-up.

With the World’s first GMP (pharmaceutical) and ISO 13485 (medical device) certified electrospinning facilities, we are your ideal partner for commercial-scale contract manufacturing of electrospun products for clinical use.

Alternatively, we can enable you to develop and manufacture your own products with state-of-the-art Fluidnatek® electrospinning equipment.

  • Premium build-quality for lasting and reliable performance

  • Temperature and humidity control for product consistency

  • Clean-room compatible and GMP compliant

  • Available with process development service, performance qualification and on-site training

Our range of Fluidnatek® equipment, from bench-top to industrial-scale, allow you to configure your machine according to your specific needs and budget, and our design engineers are on-hand to custom-develop any special functionalities.

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