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Technical Fiber Solutions for Medical Textile Applications

MEDI-FILS, Thread for Life, a New Supply Chain Concept

for Medical Devices Now Approved and Available


MEDI-FILS is a continuous filament polyester (PET) yarn created to satisfy the requirements for medical textile implantable applications.

About ICF Mercantile

ICF is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of yarn for medical devices. Our production is based on customers specific requirements. We offer low minimum quantities, custom product requirements, traceability, equipment validation, and a pristine processing facility. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

ICF’s commitment:

We are driven by our customer’s specific requirements. We do not limit our customer’s development needs.

Our approach creates a positive environment during the R&D phase through production and qualification. We never say, “off the shelf, take it or leave it”.

We deliver products based on our customer’s requirements.

ICF Capability

Our production line capabilities are designed for flexibility, which reduces our MOQ and allows for on-time delivery, producing products to our customer’s specifications.

We have a full scale industrial manufacturing facility set up to provide low MOQ’s. We are able to offer repeatability of the product from one production lot to the next.

ICF has complete control of its supply chain, from extrusion to final product. All production is manufactured in one location (Warren, NJ) U.S.A.

ICF has its own laboratory facilities to perform all tests needed for both research and development of product and specifications, as well as to provide in-process control. Our products are certified by COA’s generated in our lab.

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