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£65 million

The UK Government has pledged an additional £65m of funding for battery development, advanced medical treatments and robotics technology.


The Great North Air Ambulance in the UK has tested a jet suit for paramedics that could cut the time it takes to reach patients at the top of a fell from 30 minutes to 90 seconds.

12 million

The NHS Covid-19 app has surpassed 12 million downloads, according to UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock


Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a low-cost hearing aid using components that in total cost less than $1.


BD is set to pay $60m to settle Bard pelvic mesh lawsuits with 48 US states

 Top Stories 

 Elon Musk demonstrated a Neuralink brain implant in a live pig

Elon Musk has showed off his company Neuralink’s brain-computer interface for the first time. In an announcement on 28 August, Neuralink unveiled prototypes of its device and showed off pigs that had had the devices implanted in their brains.

Source: New Scientist

 FDA publishes labelling guidelines for breast implants

The US FDA has issued breast implant labeling guidance to help ensure that patients receive and understand the benefits and risks of these devices.

Source: FDA

‘Testing hell’: gift of devices to nursing homes brings new problems 

The federal government sent free rapid-test machines to 14,000 facilities. But they have come with unexpected costs, cumbersome reporting rules and questions about accuracy.

Source: New York Times

 UK spent £569m on 20,900 ventilators but most remain unused

The UK Government spent £569m buying 20,900 ventilators to keep people alive during the Covid-19 pandemic, but lack of demand means NHS hospitals have used just a few of them.

Source: The Guardian

Embracing Emerging Technologies 


Ukraine-based Racoon.World has developed a rehabilitation platform to help patients recover after injuries and neurological diseases.


 Osso VR

Osso VR has developed a surgical training platform designed for surgeons, sales teams and hospital staff of all skill levels.


US-based company PolyVascular develops polymeric transcatheter valves to combat congenital heart disease in children.


Mediktor is an AI-based medical assistant for triage, prediagnosis and decision-making support.

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