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Plasma can be considered as the fourth state of matter

By adding energy, matter can be transformed from solid to liquid to gas to plasma.

In the plasma state the molecules are decomposed in neutral and charged particles that will interact with the surface of the material.

The following are a few of the key medical applications where ElectroCraft motors empower medical motion control.

Europlasma’s technology creates a stable and effective plasma by an electromagnetic discharge of a process gas at low pressure (and low temperature).

Historically, this technology was mainly used for ultra-fine cleaning, for etching or for physical and chemical activation of surfaces. Europlasma has been among the first to use the technology to apply ultra-thin coatings on surfaces by using more complex process chemicals. This requires a deep knowledge of plasma technology, process chemistry, material sciences and vacuum equipment design.

With low pressure plasma technology, the ultra-thin coating is applied uniformly on complex three dimensional surfaces, and it can penetrate into the core of complex shaped materials or products such as PCB’s, electronic devices, filtration membranes or technical textiles.

The unique way in which the coatings are deposited allows to achieve outstanding functional performance. At the same these coatings are so thin that they are not visible and do not alter the other characteristics of your products.

Through more than twenty two years of experience with low pressure plasma technology, Europlasma has been able to optimize this process to an industrial scale, unmatched in the industry.

Europlasma masters a wide scale of production machines, with plasma chambers for electronic devices ranging from 50 to 500 litre, and chambers for finished textile products from 500 to 2000 litre or more. Great uniformity is combined with the shortest cycle times in the industry and the machines can be flexibly integrated into the production process. 

Europlasma also offers a unique line of roll-to-roll coaters for handling flexible circuitry, membranes or fabrics. From very small rolls of specialty materials to large rolls of fabric (diameter of 800 mm and width of 1800 mm or more), Europlasma has a machine tailored to your needs.

Europlasma holds a portfolio of chemistries, including both fluorochemistries (Nanofics 120 containing PFOA, PlasmaGuard and Nanofics 110 free from PFOA) and non-fluorochemistries (Nanofics 10 and custom design systems), or custom design systems.

Europlasma has a growing portfolio of more than 120 patents and patents pending protecting key aspects of both machine and process.

Europlasma’s business model is based on a technology licensing agreement, setting the terms for a long term cooperation with the customer, of which purchase of the machine, the process chemicals and preventive maintenance are part.

Europlasma does not sell a black box. Europlasma engineers work with each individual customer to achieve the best possible coating result on their specific product, and to integrate the technology in their specific production lines.

How does Europlasma technology make the difference in electronics?

Key technical advantages in coating electronics
• Uniform coverage of complex three dimensional surfaces
• Penetration into core of complex shaped products
• No change in colour
• No impact on acoustic behaviour or good working of micro devices
• Coatings have z-axis conductivity
• Coatings are easy to rework
• Dry and clean production process

Seamless integration into the manufacturing process

Europlasma’s coatings are ultra-thin, z-axis conductive and do not require masking of the electrical contact points, unlike alternative technologies. This allows for a fast and flexible production process that can be applied on an industrial scale at an acceptable cost.

Outstanding functional performance

Europlasma’s Nanofics® coatings provide the highest levels of water and oil repellence, without changing the look and feel of the device or impacting its performance.

Our solution provides a permanent uniform coverage of the most complex designs. Unlike alternative approaches to protect electronic devices, such as mechanical seals, that are cumbersome to apply and suffer from many failure modes, our solution provides true peace-of-mind. With the nano-coating solutions typically splash proof levels of IPX2 to IPX4 can be achieved. Also more robust coating solutions with protection levels of IPX 5 to IPX7 are available to Europlasma’s key customers.


Europlasma’s coating solutions for electronics are sold under the Nanofics® brand name.