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Enabling electronic solutions for medical technology

About Review Displays Systems
Established in 1982, Review Displays Systems has extensive experience supporting and supplying a comprehensive range of display technologies, embedded
computing hardware and wireless connectivity solutions from leading global manufacturers.

Displays and Touch Technology
Review Display Systems is able to supply a wide range of displays and touchscreen solutions with unique features ideal for medical technology applications. High quality
display modules with proven reliability and longevity of supply are ideal for FDA approved projects.

Embedded Computing
Established alliances with supply partners and CPU manufacturers enable access to the latest product technology to ensure the best choice of embedded hardware can be made for application suitability and longterm availability.

Wireless Connectivity
IQRF is an enabling technology for low power wireless connectivity. Easily and simply implemented on any electronic equipment where there is a need for reliable connectivity and wireless transfer of data.

Medical Device Design and Manufacture
Engaging in partnerships with businesses and stakeholders in the medical device industry, Review Display Systems can facilitate bespoke design services and solutions for medical device design, development and manufacture.
All design services and manufacturing capabilities are provided in full accordance with ISO13485:2016 for medical devices.

Design Support

Review Displays Systems can provide extensive design support including project management, 3D modelling capability, firmware development, mechanical design, production of prototypes for approval/verification, sub-assemblies to full system production and sub-contract manufacture of certified medical devices.

Quality and Environmental Responsibility

A strong commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and sustainability is fully reinforced with accreditation to the latest internationally recognised quality standards including ISO14001, ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485:2016.

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