IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015


KUK Electronic AG is one of the leading manufacturers of coils and electronics worldwide. Founded in Switzerland, Appenzell in 1990, KUK today employs more than 600 people at six locations in Switzerland, China, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands and Thailand. Our speciality is customer. Specific products, from small to large series.

Who is KUK?

Inquiry and evaluation of customer-specific inductive components

Manufacturing of the products on individually defined processes and KUK machines

Continuous production steps according to customer requirements

KUK Electronic AG
Industriestrasse 10
CH-9050 Appenzell
+41 71 788 38 00


Company founded 1990 in Appenzell 

100 % of KUK Group owned by KUK key employees

More than 200 millions wound coils / year

More than 250’000 mounted modules / year

More than 1 million printed circuit boards / year

25 t copper / week

90% manufactured on KUK machines

Air Coils 

• Variety of shapes

• Orthocyclic coils

• High temperature stable coils

• 3-dimensional coils

• Contacts tinned, with litz wire, connector

• Precise mechanical dimensions

• Smallest inner diameter: 0.3mm

Coils on coil former

• Variety of shapes

• Different types of windings 

• Multi chamber windings

• Size 3 to 400mm

• Single/Multi spindle winding machines

• Pin assembly machines

Toroidal coils

• Bifilar / multiple windings

• Internal engineering of tools and machines 

• Enamelled copper wire, litz wire

• Free central hole down to 1.0mm

• Outer diameter from 3 to 200mm

• Fully automated production

Profile wire coils

• Variety of shapes, round or cornered

• Edge wise, or flat wise

• Aspect ratio from 10:1 to 1:1

• Wire up to 15x4

• Copper or aluminium wire

• High filling factor

Windings on magnetic cores

• Precise mechanical dimensions

• Protected with shrinking tube

• Highly optimized materials

• Wire diameter down to 0.008mm

• Coil diameter down to 0.3mm

• High precise miniature winding machines

Alpha Coils

• Innovative winding technology

• Start and end wire outside

• Flat coil assembly in ferrites

• Space savings

• Enamelled copper wire, litz wire

• Automated production machines


• Fully equipped assembly stations

• Process security / traceability

• Insert moulding

• Engineering of moulding tools

• Mixing and casting machines

• Vacuum casting, fillers, styling