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Advanced BLDC motors for medical motion control

The ElectroCraft RPX andLRPXfamily of brushless DC motors and integrated gear motors are designed to optimize motion applications for medical markets. The RPX is powerful, energy efficient, highly controllable, and durable. It is a powerhouse of a motor that offers more torque density than other BLDC motors in relation to its small size. The RPX family offers a broad range of options from the RPX22, a 22mm diameter motor that offers 25.2 of torque, to the RPX52, offering a whopping 184 torque from a 52mm diameter motor that is only 57mm in length.

For even more demanding high torque applications, ElectroCraft presents the LRPX family which offer an integrated planetary gearbox optimized to work with the multi-pole RPX technology. While traditional BLDC motors spin too fast to work effectively with traditional gearboxes, the LRPX is designed for peak operation at relatively low BLDC speed that pairs perfectly with the integrated gearbox (see more in this short video). The integrated LRPX gearmotor offers not only outstanding torque (up to 3,186 from a small form factor, but is also quiet due to its construction and relatively low speed of operation.

ElectroCraft’s decades of experience in medical motion control have helped us understand the unique needs of the market. The RPX and LRPX address the requirements of medical markets by offering a quiet, powerful motor from a small form factor that is capable of operating in the most demanding environments with low energy consumption, low heat production, and high durability (IP65 available) design characteristics. The breadth of the product family allows for use in many medical applications.

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