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  • Adaptive velocity control minimizes acceleration in small diameter arcs and circles
  • High-speed laser tool based on position or velocity
  • High-speed and acceleration linear/rotary direct-drive stages
  • Component-to-highly integrated system solutions
  • Suitable for metallic, ceramic, and composite materials
  •  Sealed stages protect bearings and linear encoder


Dozens of process parameters to control… Hundreds of ways for your build to go wrong…

Does the galvo in your system give you the tools to get the job done? Empower your powder-bed customers to create the complex parts they want by giving them the laser control tools they need with the AGV by Aerotech. Aerotech’s AGV-HP high-accuracy galvo scanners give you more control of your process with:

  • Position Synchronized Output (PSO) that enables laser output as a function of true position, not time.
  • Velocity Power Scheduling and Power Correction Mapping to enable direct control of power and energy density delivery to the part.

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Infinite Field of View (IFOV)

Synchronizes Linear or Rotary Servo Axes with Laser Scanners

  • Easy-to-use setup parameters and effortless execution on every profile
  • Real-time simultaneous trajectory generation from one controller
  • Automated dynamic error correction of servo stage tracking by the scanner
  • Supports use of advanced laser control features such as Position Synchronized Output and Analog Vector Tracking


Up to 100% Speed Increase Dramatically Raises Throughput for Laser Processing

Stent and other cylindrical laser processing applications depend on rotary speed and precision for maximum throughput and quality of the finished product. Aerotech has just increased the rotary speed of our cylindrical laser processing platforms from 33% to 100%, all while maintaining our legendary precision. Our platforms are available for everything from the manufacture of cardiac and neural stents to 30 mm diameter tube processing, and feature an integrated linear/rotary design with both wet and dry cutting, automated material handling, and an advanced and easy-to-use control architecture.

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Aerotech Description

Aerotech has been designing and manufacturing motion control and positioning systems and components since 1970, and we manufacture our own industry-leading motors, drives, controllers, stages, and gantries to create a complete, optimized system solution. Let us show you how Aerotech's innovation and experience can provide you with the optimum solution for your medical device manufacturing needs.

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