Senstech: Reliable Thin-film Sensors for Medical Devices

In Medical Technology, the dependability and stability of sensor measurements is of utmost importance. For instance, an infusion pump must reliably detect when the infusion flow is blocked. Thin-film technology has a particular advantage here, as it allows for sensors to be applied directly to metal parts without creeping layers.

Versatile and Adaptive Technology

Senstech's sensors react to the deformation of their substrate and can thus measure various parameters such as force, displacement, pressure or torque. We carry a range of sensor elements for common applications, but we specialize in customer-specific developments. Since our sensors are manufactured completely in-house, we can deliver first prototypes quickly and cost-effectively.

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Pressure Monitoring as a Common Application

In infusion pumps from Arcomed and another major manufacturer, our sensors monitor the pressure in the infusion tube. Insulin pumps for Diabetes patients use a sensor in a similar way. A more recent application is the measurement of fluid pressure in phacoemulsification systems for eye surgery. All these sensor elements were developed in cooperation with the respective device manufacturers and are directly integrated into their product design.

Reliable Hardness Measurement in Tocodynamometers

For several product generations, a manufacturer of labor detectors (tocodynamometers) has relied on sensors from Senstech. The sensor used for this purpose is part of our standard product range.

Force sensor with protective enclosure used in tocodynamometers

Swiss Quality and Know-how

Senstech was founded in 1984 and has a rich experience in the development and manufacturing of sensors. Some of our products for Medical Technology have been in production for over 20 years. In recent years we introduced modern production processes using ablation lasers. Thanks to local supply chains and redundant facilities we are a reliable supplier even in times of crisis. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company, we are very familiar with the regulatory framework of the industry.