Clinical Diagnostics

Watlow provides clinical equipment OEMs with proven solutions that enable exceptional thermal control.

We accomplish this with rapid prototypes and leading thermal technologies that meet the most demanding product specifications.

Broad Product Offering

Watlow has developed a broad product offering, including all the components in an integrated thermal system, for clinical equipment where uniform operating temperatures are required for effective performance.

Proven Thermal Solutions

Temperature continues to play an important role in the development of clinical diagnostic instrumentation.

Leading equipment manufacturers rely on Watlow’s thermal solutions for clinical application needs because Watlow has the experience to solve the most complex thermal challenges.

Rapid Prototyping

Because of Watlow’s broad product offering and proven thermal solutions, we can leverage our experience, expertise and product platforms to quickly provide prototypes. Rapid prototyping enables proof of concept testing and design iterations during your design cycle, which will help you get to market faster than your competition. Many products available in a standard five days or less with a premium one day expedite. Get started now with the Visual Designer™.

We continue manufacturing as we are supporting critical infrastructure in health care like ventilators, respirators etc.


Advanced Ceramic Heaters


In-Line Heater

Polyimid - Heaters

Firerod cartridge heater




EZ-ZONE® Integrated Multi-Function Controller

PM Plus Controller and PM Legacy Controller




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Our Watlow team members continue working hard to build the ULTRAMIC heater system at the heart of Vapotherm's life saving Precision Flow unit for COVID-19 treatment.

Watlow’s PM PLUS™, the enhanced EZ-ZONE® PM, is now more intuitive and features an enhanced interface for easier programming and readability with a SMOOTH-TOUCH™ keypad creating an industry leading user experience.

The PM PLUS is backwards compatible with legacy EZ-ZONE PM controllers but offers many user upgrades including an intuitive menu flow allowing the controller to be easily configured. It also continues to offer the industry leading Bluetooth® connectivity with the EZ-LINK™ mobile app for remote access capability and full descriptions of parameters and error codes. The PM PLUS improves the user experience by reducing the complexity at the front of the control while eliminating the dependency of cables when configuring the product.

Like the original EZ-ZONE PM, the PM PLUS can be ordered as a PID controller, or an integrated controller with multiple functions combined into one.

PM LEGACY™ Panel Mount Controller

The Watlow® LEGACY SERIES panel mount controller is an industry-leading PID controller that allows optimal performance utilizing simple control and menu functionality without complex features. It is ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels.

The LEGACY includes one universal input and an option for up to two outputs and is available in a 1/16 DIN panel mount package with a 1/32 DIN package coming soon. It can be ordered as a PID process controller or as a dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller.

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