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Asahi Intecc Flexible, Torqueable shaft components for minimally invasive devices

A typical issue seen in catheter- or shaft-based minimally invasive device design is that improving the mechanical properties in one area results in a deterioration of mechanical properties in another area.

For example, increasing the bending flexibility of the device shaft may be required to traverse a particularly tortuous anatomy. It may be required to prevent plastic deformation from occurring when the device needs to get around an acutely angled segment. Doing so however can also results in a marked loss of torque transmission—angulation at the proximal end of the shaft will not be transmitted to the distal end, but rather the distal end will stall, ‘jump’ or even buckle and kink. Adjustments in the shaft’s bending flexibility can also lead to an increase in the shaft’s longitudinal flexibility, negatively affecting elongation or compression resistance, potentially making control of the shaft or device delivery extremely difficult.

Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd. is an ISO13485- and ISO9001-certified Japanese medical device components manufacturer that has specialized itself in solving these types of trade-offs. 

Asahi Intecc Core Technologies

Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd. is an ISO13485- and ISO9001-certified Japanese medical device manufacturer.

We are specialized in custom-made flexible ultra-fine wire ropes and tubing with high torsional rigidity, such as the single layer ACT-ONE cable tube and the multi-layer Torque Coil. We also offer in-house coating and parts laser-weld or crimp assembly services to our micro rope and tube components.


Drawing from our vast experience in the medical device field (e.g. vascular, structural heart, endoscopic, minimally invasive and other devices), our in-house wiredrawing, wire-forming, coating, torque and assembly technologies provide a broad range of options for your device. Asahi Intecc’s four core technologies form the foundation of our original materials processing technologies.

Over more than a 40-year span, these technologies were developed by us while responding to the sophisticated requirements of our clients, combining them to create many custom high-performance medical components.


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