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Come to us with a problem, and we’ll come back with a proprietary solution. Whether it’s a new surface texturing process to increase adhesion, an advanced coating to enhance the effectiveness of leads, or a scratch-free surface finish to improve the safety of surgical procedures, each of our Advanced Technologies started with a challenge from a client that was answered with an edge over the competition.

Advanced machining for complex precision parts

At Pulse, we rely on our CNC machining, milling and EDM processes to produce high-volume, quality medical device components and assemblies. Our talented team of machinists and technicians work inside our world-class facility, delivering speed, quality and innovation with every product—no matter how precise, intricate or complex. We also make it our priority to stay on top of the latest machining technologies and work alongside machine and tool manufacturers to provide input for the next generation of machines.

Welding and Assembly

Pulse Technologies is unusual among contract manufacturers in its ability to offer laser welding to medical device makers. We have a variety of equipment, including Spot and CNC (computer numerically controlled) welders to suit different applications and weld almost any metal. Our equipment and operators are especially adept at welding similar and dissimilar metals and at controlling weld overlap.

Laser Texturing

We’ve developed advanced laser texturing techniques to create controlled surface roughness for improved bonding strength, particularly for bonding between plastic and metal surfaces of a component or assembly. This process yields a 3x increase in strength on metal to polymer adhesive bonds.

We use this approach for a number of vascular and cardiac applications, including precision-welded assemblies and precision-machined parts. Working with customers on specific component parts, we have mastered the process such that it is consistently repeatable and can be offered cost-effectively.


The innovation engine of Pulse Technologies, our state-of-the-art, fully equipped metallurgy and metrology lab is where we ask the big questions that lead to even bigger breakthroughs.

How will a specific material react under a new process? What’s the slag profile of a new laser machined part? Is there copper being deposited? What happens to this part when we run an electric current through it? When it’s subject to repetitive motion?

At 80,000x, there’s a lot to learn with our Scanning Electron Microscope. Our Electrical and Mechanical Test capabilities, including tensile testing, electrochemical and corrosion testing, also provide us with valuable information during development and validation phases prior to production, in addition to helping us quickly pinpoint causes during troubleshooting.

We regularly use our M&M Lab for developing helix assemblies, tips, rings and electrodes, particularly those involving our Pulse Advanced Technology Coating (PACT®).

Industry leading in-house metrology and testing to ISO standards

Quality is built into everything we do: our engineering supports it, our employees uphold it and our machines measure and test it.

Our commitment to quality includes real-time statistical process control, as well as lean manufacturing initiatives to streamline our supply chain, including dock-to-stock and Kanban consignment.

We also run a fully equipped metallurgy and metrology (M&M) lab with world-class gauges, fixtures and machines, including contact and optical coordinate measuring machines, scanning electron microscopes, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) systems and laser micrometers. As our innovation engine, this lab enables us to perform in-house tensile, electromechanical and corrosion tests, ensuring our medical products meet the strictest quality standards.

We continually review our manufacturing and testing processes, validating them against best practices and according to ISO standards.

R&D Resource

Pulse’s engineering team has been at the forefront of medical device manufacturing for 25 years. From developing Advanced Technologies to delivering expert guidance, we act as an extension of your R&D team to provide you with the best prices, lead times and quality.

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