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G7 leaders have committed $4.3bn to finance global equitable access to tests, treatments and vaccines in 2021


Exports of medical machinery and devices from China increased by 40.5% last year, according to China’s General Administration of Customs.

1.3 million

In the US, access to telemedicine use increased from the low ten-thousands to around 1.3 million patients in 2020, according to GlobalData Analysis.


The compound annual growth rate of the home medical equipment market, which is Allied Market Research predicts will garner $56.45bn by 2027.


Research from P&S Intelligence forecasts that the medical equipment maintenance market is on track to reach $45.1bn by 2030.

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'Most healthcare apps not up to NHS standards'

A firm that reviews healthcare apps for several NHS trusts says 80% of them do not meet its standards. Failings include poor information, lack of security updates and insufficient awareness of regulatory requirements, said Orcha chief executive Liz Ashall-Payne.

Source: BBC

UK passes post-Brexit medical device regulation

The UK has enacted a new law governing medical devices and drugs, with a focus on patient safety. The Medicines and Medical Devices Act, introduced in July 2020, establishes the position of commissioner for patient safety to respond to public and patient complaints and concerns about drugs and medical devices.

Source: Medical Design and Outsourcing

Medical device players join forces to provide clearer instructions for use

Medical device manufacturers, regulators, and healthcare technology management experts recently joined forces to solve a long-standing issue for medical device processing: confusing instructions for use. These essential instructions explain how to properly clean, disinfect, sterilise and make the device ready for use on the next patient.

Source: Med-Tech News

Measuring haemoglobin levels with AI microscope, microfluidic chips

A complete blood count can help ascertain the health of a patient and typically includes an estimate of the hemoglobin concentration, which can indicate several conditions, including anemia, polycythemia, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Source: Science Daily

Embracing Emerging Technologies 

UPO Life

UPO Life offers an electrocardiogram device and smart machine-learning algorithms that are designed to improve cardiovascular treatment.

Source: UPO Life


PostDICOM provides cloud-based Cloud-based picture archiving and communication system services for doctors, medical students and hospitals.

Source: PostDICOM


UK start-up Parasym is a medical device company focused on providing innovative neurostimulation products to healthcare professionals.

Source: Parasym


US-based company Nines is a tele-radiology and artificial intelligence startup. Its product NinesAI is FDA-cleared to triage time-critical, life-threatening indications of mass effect and intracranial hemorrhage.

Source: Nines

Lucira Health

Biotechnology company Lucira Health offers disposable at-home test kits to detect infectious diseases, such as Covid-19.

Source: Lucira Health


US-based company Bloomlife is using technology, data science and medical expertise to address issues in maternal health.

Source: Bloomlife