Many factors should be considered when choosing a medical foot control for your device.  Design Engineers must know that the operation of a foot switch is often very critical to a procedure, so the look of the pedal cannot be the only consideration.  Switch integrity and reliability has to be the most important factors due to the seriousness of the atmosphere it will be performing in.

Quite often the foot control is that last piece of the puzzle that has to be added and usually without a lot of time left to spare.  This can pose a serious problem if shortcuts are taken to save time or money.  The foot control is just as important to the integrity of the entire system as every other component because it acts as an interface between the system and the end user.

Leading Foot Control Provider in the World

Linemaster Switch Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of foot controls in the world since opening its doors in 1952.  The facility, which resides in Woodstock, CT, has been the location from which over a million foot switches are manufactured and shipped yearly.  Linemaster’s primary function is to design and manufacture custom and standard foot controls per the specifications of our customers.

Linemaster’s desire to grow and the changing needs of the customer have taken the business to new levels of technological advancement, furthermore solidifying the top position in the foot switch market.  New technology and a commitment to continuous improvement have attracted the majority of the major medical device manufacturers to use Linemaster’s medical grade foot switches.  Linemaster has gone through the efforts of obtaining all major certifications including ISO 13485, IEC, UL, CE, CSA, RoHS, FCC, JRL and is the only foot control manufacturer in the world that has obtained FDA 510k certification on a foot switch .  Obtaining these agency approvals was a necessary step in making Linemaster the reliable company that it is today.

The Linemaster name continues to grow in the Medical Market.  Linemaster has become the only choice for medical grade foot controls due in large part to unparalleled quality, innovative designs and great customer service.  The release of the RF Wireless foot control system has given the end user a cordless option that will save them time cleaning, while eliminating the tripping hazard that exists in many operating rooms.  The wireless is just one example of Linemaster’s innovative foot control portfolio; also offered are USB, Linear Hall Effect, Electric, Air Powered, and Variable Speed switches.

Facility expansion, knowledgeable employees, automated test equipment, and a dedicated workforce have also contributed in making Linemaster the most recognizable name in the medical foot switch world.  Linemaster specializes in custom foot controls that are OR safe and very reliable in critical application cases.  Linemaster’s common practice is to follow all medical standards pertaining to foot controls.  Such standards as patient isolation, magnetic immunity, appealing aesthetics, and cleaning requirements are just a few of Linemaster’s foot switch design considerations to ensure a medically safe user interface.  Our goal is to partner with the OEM to come up with a foot switch or hand control design that compliments their equipment and provides their end user with a human interface device that’s reliable and ergonomically pleasing.

Linemaster continues to grow while remaining faithful to its original small company focus of customer service, quality, and integrity, as well as having a direct sales force that is just a call away.  Linemaster will continue to strive for excellence in providing our customers a proven medical grade foot control.

Medical Standards

When designing a medical foot control there are many things that must be into account. Certain criteria must be followed in order to produce an interface that meets the standards set forth by the Medical world. Deciding on things such as paint type and the weight of the foot switch may seem minor, but they can be critical to the acceptance of it in the field. Thinking of the end user and their surroundings will help in creating a foot control that is not only aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing, it will also be a functionally safe and reliable interface for them.

Linemaster has a list of medical standards that are followed when creating a medical grade foot control.  The list is quite extensive, but the medical field requires a guarantee that the product is suitable for various applications and atmospheres. Each item listed in the categories below play an important role in the development of a quality interface that will be well received in the medical world. Linemaster’s practice is to follow all of these guidelines along with many others to create a top of the line medical grade foot control.


  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Foot Pad
  • Diecast Metal Parts
  • Base Pads & Rubber Feet
  • Handles (Retractable & Fixed)
  • Low Memory Cable
  • High Impact Plastic
  • Multiple Guard Selections
  • Multiple Strain Relief Selections
  • UL Approved Label Basestock


  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Soft Colors
  • Silk Screen images
  • Serialized Labeling
  • Molded Colors for Non paint finish
  • Drainage Considerations


  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Weight Considerations
  • Easy to Clean Switch & Cable
  • Low Memory Cable
  • Handles (Retractable & Fixed)
  • Proper Pedal Hinge Position
  • Fail Safe Technology – Positive Stop
  • Magnetic Immunity
  • Redundant Interior Design
  • Tip Switches


  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Hipot Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Multiple Station Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • Cycle Testing to 1 million cycles
  • Cable Flex Tester
  • Pick up and drop Test


  • IEC/UL 60601.1
  • EMC Directive EN60601-1-2
  • EN60601-2-2
  • EN60601-2-22
  • EN60601-2-32
  • ISO 13485
  • EN60529 Degree of Protection IP68
  • FDA 510(k)
  • tin

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