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issue 4 // November 2017

in this issue

issue 6 // March 2018

Cambridge Consultants has developed a new wireless charging system for implants which promises flexible and reliable power transfer without precise alignment with the implant, and regardless of the size and body shape of the patient. We find out how this technology could open up new possibilities for implant-based treatments. 

Also in this issue, we speak to the UK’s National Measurement Institute about its new 3D OrbiSIMS molecular imaging instrument, which was developed in collaboration with GSK and aims to help determine drug failures earlier in the trial process. 

Plus, we hear from AMPLEXOR how advanced data management practices can help life science companies meet stringent new regulations for product information, while also gaining business value by automating data processes. 

As always, we also round up the latest news from the medical device industry, and get comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts on market dynamics, product innovation, and regional developments.

Susanne Hauner, editor