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China will continue to account for about 50% of the oxygenators market in Asia-Pacific through 2025, says GlobalData.


Researchers claim to have sequenced the entirety of the human genome – including the missing parts – after 20 years.

The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared two disposable endoscopes to help mitigate infection risks – a portable cystoscope from UroViu and a disposable digestive endoscopy system from EndoFresh.


In a single-arm study, Edwards Lifesciences' tricuspid valve replacement cuts leaks in 98% of patients.


The global diabetes care devices market is set to reach $25.4bn by 2025, according to analysis from GlobalData.

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New technique breaks the mould for 3D printing medical implants

Researchers have flipped traditional 3D printing to create some of the most intricate biomedical structures yet, advancing the development of new technologies for regrowing bones and tissue.

Source: RMIT

Vaccine passports likely to be dropped as aid to lifting restrictions in England

Plans to make Covid documents a requirement of entry to mass events are likely to be dropped as the government grapples with how it can safely lift the final set of restrictions in England within weeks.

Source: The Guardian

A glut of Chinese masks is driving US companies out of business

Mask mandates have eased, a welcome milestone in the battle against Covid-19. But for the two dozen domestic companies that jumped into the mask-making business last year, the good news comes with a downside: a calamitous drop in sales.

Source: New York Times

Cardiac organoids self-organise to mimic human heart

Researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences have developed the most realistic cardiac organoids to date. The tiny structures self-organize from pluripotent stem cells to form a hollow chamber that can beat.

Source: Medgadget

Embracing Emerging Technologies 


Egypt-based start-up Bypa-ss provides online platforms that facilitate digitised healthcare information exchange between healthcare providers.

Source: Bypa-ss


New Flemish biotech Allegro is working on a revolutionary technology based on the regeneration of cells and tissues. Its first pipeline product is a nanotechnology scaffold for cartilage regeneration.

Source: Allegro

Overture Life

Fertility start-up Overture Life is working to make In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) more accessible with an embryology lab in a box that pushes IVF to a whole new level.

Source: Overture Life


US-based company Nines is a tele-radiology and artificial intelligence startup. Its product NinesAI is FDA-cleared to triage time-critical, life-threatening indications of mass effect and intracranial hemorrhage.

Source: Nines

Lucira Health

Biotechnology company Lucira Health offers disposable at-home test kits to detect infectious diseases, such as Covid-19.

Source: Lucira Health


US-based company Bloomlife is using technology, data science and medical expertise to address issues in maternal health.

Source: Bloomlife