Air Pressure Regulators for Internal Air Support

During Catheter & Tubing Extrusion.

Our “MicroAir” ultra low air pressure regulators and controllers are the industry standard for controlling the internal air pressure to maintain the inside diameter and wall thickness during tubing extrusion. During the free extrusion process, we can maintain the tubing’s shape, size, and ovality, prevent a collapse of the tube, and achieve the correct diameter — holding the set point even when a cut is made or being spooled. Three models are available:

MicroAir I

the manual model

MicroAir II

accepts contact closures from OD gauge

MicroAir IV

accepts 0 – 10 volt input for making bump or taper tubing or connecting to the line controller (PLC).

Medical Tubing manufacturers worldwide use our MicroAirs when extruding catheters, microtube, multilumen, single lumen, bump, balloon, taper, micro-extruded tubing, coextruded tubes, and profiles. Our Dual and MultiAir units can provide each lumen of a multilumen tubing with its own air supply. Using our MultiAir units, we have customers making tubing with 2 lumens to as many as 30 lumens. Options that can be added when ordering now include digital display and output options for closed-loop control (0-10-volt current or 4-20ma voltage).

In the past few years, we have redesigned the internal components and circuitry to regulate the air pressure with greater precision, stability, and accuracy, even below 1 inch of water. MicroAir units have been known to last over 20 years.

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