Tiodize is an advanced technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing and application of products for the prevention of friction, wear and corrosion.

Our products are utilized in an increasing broad spectrum of industries including medical, aerospace, automotive and electronics.

The company was founded in 1966 by Thomas Adams to fill the need for a special coating to reduce galling and its associated effects on titanium parts used in high performance aircraft. This coating and method of application, now widely known as the “TIODIZE PROCESS” has been specified for use on practically every major space, military and commercial air raft program since its introduction.

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The experience gained from aerospace and the proven ability of Tiodize to maintain high quality application over time, enabled the TIODIZE PROCESS to become the medical industry standard for titanium anodizing for titanium implants.

The TIODIZE PROCESS for anodizing titanium has been a staple for over 50 years. Available for either Type II, to enhance biocompatibility, lubricity and anti-galling on implants.

Or, Color Anodizing. This method is primarily used for parts identification in the operating room. By identifying the part by the color, the risk of mistakes is lessened dramatically. And the ability of maintain consistent color from batch to batch is what sets the TIODIZE PROCESS apart from other titanium anodizing processes.

HIGH STRENGTH COMPOSITE FASTENERS. Tiodize also designs and manufacturers composite fasteners and bearing for use in medical equipment used in X-Ray environments. The composites are X-Ray transparent, lightweight and will outlast metal parts. They can also e custom made to your design requirements.

Tiodize also makes D99 CLEANER/DEGREASER. A strong, effective, water base degreaser for use in FDA inspected facilities. Just apply by spraying or dipping and rinse away. D99 is used to replace toxic/hazardous solvents. It is excellent on wire and cables in a manufacturing environment.