Frankfurt Laser Company offers a line of advanced multi-wavelength diode laser modules, designed and manufactured by AKELA Laser Corporation.

Akela produces laser modules routinely combining up to six wavelengths in one fiber.

The multiwavelength laser modules found their applications primarily on medical markets but the customer base also progressively increases in the industrial sector. With the output ex-fiber spectrum combined of different wavelengths, there are limitless possibilities for medical procedures utilizing either each wavelength separately, or benefiting from the multi-wavelength irradiation treatment options.

Akela combines wavelengths in the range from 400nm to ~2000nm in one fiber.

Most commonly used wavelengths are 400, 450, 525, 660, 750, 810, 915, 980, 1060, 1210, 1320, 1370, 1470, 1550, 1680, 1720, 1850, and 1940nm.

The company has several laser modules’ models, designed for different number of wavelengths, and different maximum power levels. Doppia, Setia, Quinta, Trio – with maximum of 100W, 60W, 40W, and 25W output power levels, respectively.

There are dozens of medical applications successfully addressed by the multiwavelength modules, including but not limited to dermatology, minimally-invasive surgery, pain management and wound healings, nerve stimulation, dentistry and gum treatment, photodynamic therapy. Other bio-medical uses include bio-sensing, imaging and fluorescent microscopy.

All the modules have detachable fiber which widens the possibilities for designs of the laser treatment heads designed by the module users.

The modules are equipped with fiber sensor which makes them especially convenient for medical applications, where the safety requirements are of primary importance. The modules can also be equipped with a low power visible laser output – for aiming purposes.

The combination of wavelengths could be customized fitting the most demanding requirements.

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