One of Bright Plastics’ distinct advantages over other injection molders is our complete in-house mold-making capabilities. We help customers engineer and design parts, and then convert these part designs into production tooling built in-house. When we design the tooling, our customers know that we are taking the entire injection molding process into consideration. This procedure helps to create quality parts, mold reliability and reduces total project cost.

“Bright Plastics provides enormous engineering support, design help, outstanding quality molds, packaging, quality measures and guaranteed replies. Their level of service is, by far, the best in any industry. As a physician, surgeon and entrepreneur, I have nothing but praises for Bright Plastics.” — Bright Plastics Medical Customer

Industry Leaders of Clean Room Manufacturing

Bright Plastics’ commitment to quality clean room injection molding is evident in our 1500 sq. ft., ISO 13485: 2016 Compliant Clean Room for medical, bioscience and other industries that require tightly controlled environmental standards.

Our state-of-the-art climate-controlled clean room is complete with conveyors and external drying/material feeding capabilities. We can meet any medical clean room manufacturing requirement with our injection molding.

Clean Room Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities Include:

•    High volume or short runs
•    Tight tolerance
•    Material and product traceability
•    Full range of secondary operations:
            ~    Decorating
            ~    Assembly
            ~    Testing
            ~    Product packaging

Industry Leaders of Clean Room Manufacturing

Bright Plastics’ fixed-wall clean room is equipped with four injection molding presses ranging in size from 65 to 200 tons. Our highly trained staff adheres to stringent clean room operating procedures, ensuring that all work is performed with care and precision. We use a wide variety of materials to mold all types of medical devices.

Products We Can Manufacture 
in Our Clean Room:

    •    Single use medical disposables
    •    Fluid delivery connectors
    •    Medical device housings
    •    Orthopedics
    •    Surgical instruments
    •    Emergency room products
    •    Dental products
    •    Eye treatment devices
    •    Cardiac products
    •    Urological devices
    •    Blood delivery housings

Example of Medical Devices/Products We Produce:

    •    Surgical equipment components
    •    Ostomy bags for premature babies
    •    Diagnostic drug test kits – molding, 
          decorating and assembly
    •    Vial vent filters 
    •    Cups and jars for organ harvesting
    •    Disposable forceps
    •    Luer caps and straps
    •    Tubing connectors and clips
    •    Oxygen bushings
    •    Allergy testing supplies
    •    Hemostats
    •    Clamps including umbilical clamps 
    •    Nebulizer delivery system

Quality Parts

At Bright Plastics, we adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry and consider every employee to be part of the quality department. As part of our quality inspections, we have top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the required quality.

Our Inspection Equipment Includes:
•    OGP Smartscope Flash 500 (20X24X8) — Touchprobe and optical capability assure measurement accuracy
•    6’ FARO Arm CMM — Measures both small and large parts
•    Spectrophotometer — Verifies the color of parts against customer standards
•    Moisture Analyzer — Measures the moisture content of raw material.

We can work with all medical and optical companies to produce precise components and products, all in compliance with FDA regulations ISO 8 (class 100,000)

Bright Plastics routinely performs IQ, OQ and PQ evaluations to comply with medical qualification protocol. 

The three-step evaluation process listed below applies to any type of machinery used in our medical manufacturing division..
IQ — Installation Qualification: We ensure that the equipment received matches the specifications we require and ordered, and that it is installed properly.
OQ — Operational Qualification: We ensure that the product and/or assemblies are functioning as designed within their specified limits consistently and dependably.
PQ — Performance Qualification: We ensure that the product and/or assemblies perform as expected under simulated real-world conditions consistently and dependably.

About Bright Plastics

Bright Plastics is your single-source for high precision plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing. We successfully manufacture plastic components for a wide variety of industries - medical devices, automotive, aerospace, military, industrial, outdoor recreation and many more.

We have a proven track record of solving complex design and engineering problems for our clients with long-term solutions to save time and money. Whether it is new product or fixing a design or quality problem, we are innovative leaders in the plastic manufacturing industry.

Bright Plastics offers in-house solutions for hard-to-process engineering resins and precision plastic components. With our advanced technology, we can quickly create accurate and affordable injection molding, custom parts with our mold shop and on-site tool room and automation lab.